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Woman stress with and overload of work on her desk.

Five Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is just a part of everyone’s daily life. In this fast age of technology, families with two working parents, and all the expectation that go along with your world it’s easy to become bogged down with everything you have to do day to day. It’s enough to drive even the most calm person a little batty. There are some healthy ways to deal with stress that don’t include curling up in a ball in bed for hours on end. Here are five of the best and most healthy ways to deal with stress when all you want to do is scream.
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Can Salt Therapy Work After Just One Session?

Typically, customers with allergies and sinusitis may experience short term results after 1-3 sessions.  For best results however, it is best to come on a consistent basis.  Salt Therapy is not a cure, but a natural way to manage symptoms.  In order to do that, visiting just once isn’t enough.
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New Year, New You with the Help of Halotherapy

As the holidays come to a close and the festivities die down, many of us start planning for the upcoming year. One thing that’s sure to be at the top of everyone’s list is fitness goals. Whether it’s to shed a few pounds or a complete lifestyle change, here are some tips to ensure your fitness goals become a reality.
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Depression and The Salt Suite®

Chronic stress in particular leads to elevated hormones and a reduction of serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are important for regulating sleep, appetite, energy, and moods. When your stress response fails to shut down, the high levels of these chemicals can lead to depression.
Blue booties on a pregnant belly while enjoying a salt session.

Pregnancy and The Salt Suite®

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for expectant mothers. There are all sorts of things that can affect the health of the baby, so mothers have to be extra careful about what they consume in their diet and what they are exposed to in their environment. Mothers, don’t fear, Salt Therapy is safe for you and your baby.
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The Relaxing Power of Music

Music is powerful. Its rhythm, tempo, sudden chord changes, and powerful lyrics can affect our emotions, performance, and stress levels. There have been several studies regarding the power of music.