New Year, New You with the Help of Halotherapy

As the holidays come to a close and the festivities die down, many of us start planning for the upcoming year. One thing that’s sure to be at the top of everyone’s list is fitness goals. Whether it’s to shed a few pounds or a complete lifestyle change, here are some tips to ensure your fitness goals become a reality.

It’s important to create a realistic schedule and stick to it. If you aren’t an early riser don’t schedule your workouts in the morning, because you’re less likely to wake up and get them done. Regardless of what time your pencil in your workouts, your body will resist you the first month or so as it acclimates to a new schedule. An easy way to naturally add fitness into your schedule is to plan out your day then find gaps large enough for a workout. If your schedule is packed try breaking up one large session into two shorter ones. For instance, instead of trying to block off 90 minutes, try looking for two 45 minute chunks.

As your body adjusts to the new schedule you will have some setbacks some minor pitfalls. However, it is important to consider these moments as a learning opportunity or a small bump in the road as opposed to a failure. Too often we harp on the negatives and lose sight of our progress. Whenever you trip up and miss out on a goal remind yourself of your other victories. For example, if you didn’t hit your goals for this week, think about what successes you did have. Maybe you went 5 minutes longer in cardio or you reached your goals last week. Keep your triumphs at the forefront of your mind. You are more likely to stay the course if you see yourself as a success.

This leads into the next tip while working out your physical body be sure to take care of your mind as well. Exercise is meant to be a great de-stressor however, overthinking the process can negate its many benefits. So, if you need to take some time to reset your mind, do it. You’d be surprised how valuable 45-minutes of self-care can be. Reading a book, flipping through a magazine or even perusing your favorite online shops are quite beneficial. An added perk is that they are things you could do during a salt therapy session at The Salt Suite®.

Halotherapy at The Salt Suite® gives athletes two major advantages: the ability to push their bodies to new limits and time to relax their minds. At The Salt Suite®, halotherapy sessions work by using halogenerator. This machine grinds the salt into minute particles that are released into the air. These particles easily enter the body through the respiratory tract. As salt naturally absorbs bacteria, these small molecules of salt absorb all toxins in your body just by breathing them in. Regular sessions relieve breathing difficulties, allowing athletes to increase lung capacity, increase recovery time and lead to overall better performance.

In short, lifestyle changes are not easy. In order to give yourself the best chance at reaching your long and short-term goals follow our easy tips: create a schedule, keep a positive outlook, practice self-care and breathe easy with sessions at The Salt Suite®.

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