First Time Guest

Your First Visit to The Salt Suite®

First time? We are so confident that salt therapy can help improve your condition–and that you’ll love it and return–that YOUR FIRST VISIT is FREE*!

*At participating The Salt Suite® locations

First Time Expectations

How do I prepare for
my salt therapy session?

Start taking time for yourself and call to schedule an appointment. Before your session, please make sure to wear comfortable clothing – preferably light colors, as the salt can show more on darker colored clothes. Please wear socks while in the salt room. As a courtesy to other clients who are scent sensitive, please refrain from wearing scents (perfume, smoke, etc.) during your visit.

What do you need to know before your salt therapy session?

Our team will guide you on your path to wellness by asking what conditions you want to improve and creating a custom plan for you, so please arrive 15 minutes early. An audio introduction will explain everything you need to enjoy your experience in our salt caves.

What is my salt therapy experience going to be like?

Lay back in our recliners, get comfortable, and relax as you receive the benefits of salt therapy. We have recreated the micro-climate of a salt cave with a dry cool climate. The salt room has salt on the floor and walls. During your session you can read, nap, meditate, or use your own personal device – these are your 45 minutes.

How can I expect to
feel during my session?

You have your own space and dividers provide some privacy, but others may cough or fall asleep. We are all here for healing, and be assured, no bacteria can survive or transmit to you in this super-salty environment. You may feel a slight tickle in your throat – that’s the salt doing its job. Salt therapy can have a naturally relaxing effect on your body, so expect to unwind and decompress.

How will I feel after
my session?

Many experience the draining of their sinus right away or hours later. You may feel lighter and renewed – as if you’ve floated into a euphoric state of relaxation. You can also expect to experience a good night’s rest after a session. You may feel some relief after one session but for the best results we recommend a series of sessions. 

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