Performance Overview

Salt therapy can dramatically enhance body performance by improving lung function and increasing lung capacity. 

Salt therapy for
fitness & peak performance

There are several respiratory conditions that affect the body, such as airflow obstruction, exposure to airborne allergens and other inhaled particles, as well as other respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. Salt therapy is an effective therapy that may improve these conditions.

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Sitting in our salt room provides a healing environment that can help you reach your full athletic potential, whether you are a runner or a vocalist. Results may vary between clients and we recommend you discuss the use of salt therapy with your doctor.

Performance Issues

Maintain Stamina/Endurance

Salt therapy can have a naturally relaxing effect on your body that works to revitalize your energy and normalize your breathing pattern. Once you’ve managed your breathing pattern, you can perform better by using less breath, helping you achieve better results.

Maintain Peak Performance

The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties in salt help clear your airways of bacteria and toxins while opening the respiratory tract increasing breathing volume. Maintain your momentum by staying healthy and reducing the severity of your triggers over time.

Increase Oxygen Flow

When your nasal passages and sinuses are clogged, it becomes more difficult to supply oxygen to your muscles, slowing down the recovery process. Salt therapy can help tear down mucus build up to clear sinuses, so you can continue to train hard without any injuries.

Joint Pain

Salt penetrates layers of the skin and helps reduce fluid buildup or swelling in the joints. This makes everyday tasks less challenging.

Performance Benefits

physical endurance

Correct your breathing pattern with salt therapy and have more air in reserve to perform at an optimal level. Achieve better performance with less breath each time at The Salt Suite®.

Speed up recovery between training sessions & hard labor

Not only can salt therapy clear your airways to speed the time in which oxygen reaches your muscles for recovery, but it can also help you sleep better at night. Working out causes microscopic tears in the muscles which heal overnight.

lung capacity

If there is waste in the respiratory system, oxygen will be delivered at a much slower rate, affecting the efficiency of your workout. Clear your airways with salt therapy for increased lung capacity and improve your overall fitness performance.

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Does halotherapy reduce stress?

Does Halotherapy Reduce Stress?

The world can be a stressful place with stress coming from our personal lives, careers, and surrounding world events. Wouldn’t it be nice if a 45-minute salt therapy session could reduce stress levels? Fortunately, scientists have found that salt therapy does have a positive impact to stress.

How Does Salt Therapy Improve Skin Health?

Itchy and dry skin feels so uncomfortable. It distracts focus from what is important. Not to mention psoriasis and eczema can make wardrobe and even hair style decisions for those affected. And how many of us don’t want to look a little younger? Well, those taking their salt therapy in the kids’ suite may not want to look younger, but the rest of us do. Can salt really do all of that- improve symptoms of skin issues and make us look younger? Yes, it can, and research shows it!

How Does Salt Therapy Improve Performance?

Performance may mean many different things to different people. For some, it means athletic performance. Whether a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or someone working out for healthy lifestyle, performance includes our ability to accomplish an athletic task. For others, it may mean breath control for activities like singing, performing arts and professional auctioning. Does salt therapy deliver benefits for various types of performance? In short, yes. But let’s explore what research has found about salt therapy and improved performance.

How Does Salt Therapy Support the Immune System?

Surely, if something all-natural, enjoyable and accessible lowered the likelihood of contracting the common cold, flu and viruses, then everyone would do it, right? That is exactly what we think, and perhaps scientific studies will convince more people to add salt therapy to their weekly routine.