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Additional Therapies to Complement Your Visit

At The Salt Suite®️, we strive to create a relaxing and restorative environment. That’s why we’re proud to offer additional therapies to enhance your experience and wellbeing.

Add any of the following to your next salt therapy session today and feel the difference!

*At participating locations. Please visit the location page to view the services available at your local Salt Suite.

Salt Booth

The Efficacy of a 45 Minute Session in 15 Minutes or Less

In the beginning, salt therapy was only available in salt caves three meters below ground in 2-hour sessions. Modern advances in technology allowed us to bring those benefits aboveground to our salt rooms in shorter 45-minutes sessions!

At The Salt Suite®, you can experience salt booths: a new way to get the same effective therapy for respiratory, skin, sleep, and performance during a shorter 15-minute session. Grab a session at lunch, between meetings, or even while the kids are at practice! 

Additional Options

Booths at some locations offer features like infrared therapy, red light therapy, and chromotherapy.


Salt Therapy For Pets

For a Healthier and Happier Fur baby

Infrared Theraphy

Infrared Therapy

For a Better State of Mind and Mental Wellbeing

Red Infrared Theraphy

Red Light Therapy

For Better Skin and Happier You


Pulse Electromagnetic Field Mat

To help Improve Circulation and for those with Muscle Pains

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