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Discover a 100% natural alternative to finding relief from sinus, skin, and respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma, COPD, and sinusitis. Escape from your daily routine to an invigorating salt oasis. The Salt Suite® has been helping customers work towards a healthier life for more than a decade.

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At The Salt Suite ™, your well-being is of utmost importance. Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time ™, a career at The Salt Suite offers a satisfying career. Explore the latest job openings at The Salt Suite ™ franchise locations.

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Our Recent Reviews

Ronnie was so helpful and professional.
Cindy WallsCindy Walls
16:32 19 Mar 24
My sisters and I decided to try something new and we ended up at the Salt Suite. The young man at the front desk was very helpful in getting us set up and going. Being our 1st time, we really appreciated his guidance. It was so relaxing and refreshing!
Kelly FrankKelly Frank
17:01 26 Feb 24
Such an absolutely wonderful space. It was a wonderful experience. It was clean, soothing, rejuvenating and I will absolutely go back again
Travis and StaceyTravis and Stacey
20:25 24 Feb 24
Good experience and something to do with my 3 year old. It was worth a try and only because of a first time offer. The guy on reception was lovely.It is over priced to charge $45 for the parent and $45 to do a 45min kid session. I wouldn’t do it again for that reason.
Kayla GomezKayla Gomez
16:06 12 Feb 24
Don was amazing and gave us great information! It was very relaxing and a comfortable place to go!
Josh EidenbergJosh Eidenberg
16:04 05 Feb 24
As someone who has frequented The Salt Suite for quite some time, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this review. For years, this place has been a sanctuary for me, offering not just exceptional salt therapy sessions but also a warm, welcoming environment. The staff were more than just employees; they were like friends, genuinely caring about each client’s wellbeing and experience.Unfortunately, my recent visit has left me disheartened. There’s been a noticeable change in the atmosphere, primarily due to the introduction of new staff members. Where there was once warmth and a sense of community, there’s now a cold, transactional feel. The new staff, unlike their predecessors, seem indifferent to client needs and concerns. Their approach comes off as rude and unhelpful, a stark contrast to the nurturing environment I had come to know and love.The impact of this shift goes beyond just the ambiance. It’s affected the overall quality of the experience, making sessions feel rushed and impersonal. This change is especially jarring for someone like me, who has had nothing but positive experiences in the past. It’s sad to say, but the essence of what made The Salt Suite a special place seems to have diminished.While I understand that staff changes are a part of any business, the manner in which these new individuals conduct themselves is not reflective of the high standards The Salt Suite once upheld. It’s a reminder that the people make the place, and without the original staff’s warmth and dedication, it just isn’t the same.I sincerely hope this feedback is taken as constructive criticism, with the aim of improving the current state of affairs. The Salt Suite has the potential to return to its former glory, but it requires a staff that embodies the values and spirit of the place. Until then, I find myself reminiscing about the old days and reconsidering my patronage.
Remy KisslerRemy Kissler
16:12 18 Jan 24
The experience was so amazing, and was very relaxing. It really really helped me. Very nice caring workers there as well!
21:31 16 Jan 24
The woman at the desk was kind and courteous, very friendly, clean atmosphere….. I always enjoy my visits & love bringing my grands😊
George EddisGeorge Eddis
19:25 26 Dec 23
Great experience! Don is the best, thank you!
kim lolloydkim lolloyd
16:47 08 Dec 23
Highly recommend. Don was friendly and knowledgeable about the health benefits and I feel it really helped my copd. I will definitely be back.
Suzette TappSuzette Tapp
14:33 03 Nov 23
I had 2 treatment and already sleeping better and allergies have improved. Donesha is very pleasant and excellent service. Looking forward to optimum health, looking and feeling great 👍 😊
Sharon DildySharon Dildy
22:54 03 Sep 23
Great atmosphere, and the clerk/hostess was very informative.
Brian RitterBrian Ritter
16:29 03 Sep 23
It's a great experience. The salt is really helpful for my sinus issues, the rooms are very tranquil and comfortable, and the staff is always welcoming and wonderful.
Lauren WoodsLauren Woods
15:50 29 Aug 23
Always great customer service! A little extra goes along ways! Only go to this location!
Lani TerryLani Terry
04:34 16 Aug 23
This place is a rip off. I tried to take my daughter to the kids room. Donesha, the manager told me it would be $45 for her AND $45 for me to sit there to watch my daughter. So that it would be $90 for my daughter to sit in the kids room for 45 mins. I have been coming here since the opened, 10 years ago & never had to pay for myself to watch my child in the kids room. I asked if my daughter can go in the kids room herself and she told me no. So basically she was forcing me to pay $90 for the 45 min session. Apparently they are under new ownership. I called the salt suite - boca location. They do not charge the adult to sit in the kids room to supervise their child. As they shouldn’t. Then the lady got rude with me saying “everyone else pays it who comes here” and that she has “a lady who came 500 times last year & you’ve only been here 30 times”. Not sure what that even has to do with me but that’s really rude to compare customers. Each person is individual with an individual situation. And coming 30 times is better than none, right?Then I notice a sign posted on the kids room door! That reads “Valentines special. 1 salt therapy session for 2 people. $60” so I said ok I’ll get that special then. And she said “oh that’s only for the adult room”. I said the sign is posted on the kids room door! And it doesn’t say adults only, it literally says 1 session for 2 people. I took pictures of the sign and it posted on the kids room door. And she rudely says “I’ll change the sign right now”. This place is rude and a rip off! DO NOT COME HERE. Go to the boca one! They are reasonable. The new owners here are obviously greedy & unreasonable. I don’t have a problem paying but why would I pay for myself when the session is for my child but yet she isn’t allowed to be in the room herself. Eventually she let me pay the $60 because I took pictures of the sign on the kids room! I only paid because my daughter was already there & ready to go in. For $60 they don’t even have tissues inside the room!!! Then Donesha comes into the room before our session ends to tell us to clean up all the toys! I have always cleaned up after myself. I don’t need to be told! And for a $90 price tag- you should keep the place tidy! Very rude!!!!Again, I don’t mind paying as I paid the $60 but to pay $90 for my child to sit for 45 mins is insane. Reevaluate your policies. I will go to the boca location from now on! Maybe I will go there 500 times so I can be as cool as the lady you told me about, lol! Rip off businesses never make it! Good luck!Added last photo because with all that money guess they can’t afford garbage bags! Bathroom area dirty & gross on top of it all!Response to owner added:Since I left this review I called 2 additional salt therapy places in the county- both of them don’t charge for the adult to supervise the child in the child room. So funny- 3 out of 4 places in the county don’t charge & you are the only one ripping people off! This is not an amusement part. Aren’t you supposed to be a “therapy” place? Does your pediatrician charge for you to accompany your children to their Dr appt?Also note, there was no other associate there! No “man” was taking out the trash. Stop lying to customers. I hope people go elsewhere. But if they don’t, they will see for themselves my review is 100% accurate! Call around yourself & see.** update 8/26/23: why is my review hidden by the owner??? They remove negative reviews! Beware!!!!!
T SellmanT Sellman
15:34 10 Aug 23
There are so many reasons why I would recommend The Salt Suite Delray. First, upon entering we were greeted warmly by Don. He was both friendly and informative. He offered me socks as I had forgotten mine. The actual salt room was amazing. It was clean and inviting. I was offered all of the amenities to make it a pleasurable experience including water, a blanket and headphones whereby soft, soothing sounds were played. I purchased the lavender "Get Babied" to extend my experience at home. It was relaxing and therapeutic. I will definitely go back.
21:09 24 Jun 23
I love visiting the salt suite especially when Don is working. Don makes you feel at home. He is extremely friendly, sweet and welcoming. I have the best nights sleep after every visit. I can’t wait to come back!
Lauren morrisseyLauren morrissey
18:17 06 Feb 23
The staff at the Salt Suite are extraordinary, one in particular, Donesha, is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and always makes my experience wonderful. The facility is kept so clean, as soon as I walk in I feel relaxed. Thank you for making the Salt Suite a place I can come to breathe easier, my life has been positively impacted. Highly recommend.