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Discover a 100% natural alternative to finding relief from sinus, skin, and respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma, COPD, and sinusitis. Escape from your daily routine to an invigorating salt oasis. The Salt Suite® has been helping customers work towards a healthier life for more than a decade.

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Ellen SchweitzerEllen Schweitzer
18:50 11 Apr 24
Love love love. I will admit, I was highly skeptical when my friend brought me here. I had been to other salt rooms and never felt a difference. The Salt Suite is completely different and a game changer for me. I go once a week for a double session since I don't live super close. I have totally stopped using the nose strips at night and almost stopped using the nose spray. I now only usually use it once a week in one nostril before bed. Back in 2014, I even had surgery on my sinuses, and that didn't help. Coming here consistently has made a huge difference. It did take some time for me to really feel anything, and I was thinking of canceling at one point, but I stuck with it because my friend loves it and just the quiet time in a darkish room was calming. Listen to guided breathing exercises on their Ipods or bring in your own music. Just relax, enjoy your time, maybe even take a nap, and start breathing better.
Rachel PangrazioRachel Pangrazio
15:25 29 Mar 24
I love the Salt Suite! The benefits are tremendous. It has helped my asthma, allergies, general breathing, skin issues, colds plus much more. The extra benefits are in how relaxing and calming a session is. For 45 minutes you are immersed into a relaxing state with a warm blanket, hot stones, spa music and salty air. I recommend the salty yoga session for even more benefits. Leslie the owner is super nice and helpful to make sure you enjoy your session.
Barbara ShottsBarbara Shotts
18:36 27 Mar 24
I have been using the Concord Salt Suite location for over a year now. It's a clean and relaxing environment and the owners are great. My allergy issues have improved dramatically since I started the salt sessions, especially during pollen season.
Moon BeansMoon Beans
23:58 26 Mar 24
This was an amazing and relaxing experience!! I really loved the relaxation. I am breathing better after one session! I definitely recommend this place. Tbh the woman in the front was a little cold for the type of place it is but I still enjoyed my experience and just ignored her.
Mike PropstMike Propst
00:10 23 Feb 24
Gretchen WalkerGretchen Walker
16:27 03 Feb 24
I have been batteling the 80 day cough and after two relaxing sessions at the salt suite my cough is gone!! Best thing I have done for myself in a long while!
Faye Morrow BellFaye Morrow Bell
03:33 04 Dec 23
I love that The Salt Suite now offers “salty yoga”. Combining the therapeutics of salt with gentle yoga is brilliant! I always leaves clearer - physically and mentally - after a salty yoga session.
Karl GoldbergKarl Goldberg
18:46 26 Jun 23
While visiting friends, my allergy acted up and I was told to visit the Salty Suite in Concord. Glad I took the advice. The treatment helped greatly and the service and support was fantastic.
caroline voncannoncaroline voncannon
14:59 29 Mar 23
I enjoy my time at The Salt Suite so much! It is so relaxing and the health benefits are wonderful! Leslie goes out of her way to make sure I have everything I need to get the most out of my time there. Very clean, very accommodating. I highly recommend!
Vicki RitchVicki Ritch
15:58 24 Mar 23
Was peaceful relaxing experience. I have asthma and was pleased how easy to breath while there and after the visit. It really does help, I for the first time in a long time feel I can truly take a deep breath and exhale with no difficulty. I will go back.Well it's been 10 months since starting. I look forward to my visit each week, sometimes twice each week. Salt is so healing and I highly recommend "the Salt Suite". I still feel the difference it has made with my asthma. Thank you Leslie and Jessica for coming to Concord.
Ally WaldronAlly Waldron
20:16 21 Mar 23
This place is great! I bring my boys to the kids suite once a week to help fight allergies, colds, flus and ear infections. We have been very healthy ever since coming here summer 2022. The adult suite is so relaxing and rejuvenating. My seasonal allergies are completely gone. I also used to get bad earaches in 1 ear multiple times a month and it only has only happened a couple times since coming here. The owners are so wonderful and friendly. Highly recommend coming for immune support and sickness prevention.
Morgan WellsMorgan Wells
16:36 21 Mar 23
I just had to come on here and mention that I walked into the Salt Room because I was interested/ intrigued by it. The older women at the counter was so rude and seemed so bothered that I came in to say Hi and see what it was all about. They really need help with their customer service skills and should higher some young excited people to work there. Safe to say I wont be booking a session here.
Dee Gorski-DaigleDee Gorski-Daigle
19:07 18 Mar 23
Fantastic experience. Super health health benefits for allergies, sinusitis, eczema, skin problems. But the owner makes it wonderful. So glad this is here. Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary.
Betsy SakalukBetsy Sakaluk
18:41 18 Jan 23
My husband and I absolutely love the Salt Suite! It is such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It’s very clean and the employees are so kind and helpful. The salt helps to clear out our sinuses and ease any congestion. It’s especially helpful for allergies or colds. We enjoy the soothing music and hot stones during our sessions. I would highly recommend coming here!