How Does Salt Therapy Improve Performance?

Young woman at a recording studio.

Performance may mean many different things to different people. For some, it means athletic performance. Whether a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or someone working out for healthy lifestyle, performance includes our ability to accomplish an athletic task. For others, it may mean breath control for activities like singing, performing arts and professional auctioning. Does salt therapy deliver benefits for various types of performance? In short, yes. But let’s explore what research has found about salt therapy and improved performance.

Improved Respiratory and Cardiovascular function: Salt therapy increases the airways. Bacteria in our airways causes breathing issues, and salt therapy cleans the bacteria from the airways. Those who take salt therapy have an increase in respiratory volume, improved oxygen levels, improved cardiovascular performance as well as decreased heart rate and breathing rate1. These multifaceted benefits make salt therapy a wonderful tool for those who want more athletic energy, better breath control, and peak performance. The better oxygen flow, the better the muscle recovery.

Swollen joints: Workouts, aging, and performing over and over again may cause swelling, especially in joints. Salt therapy is anti-inflammatory and pulls fluid trapped in skin2. Fewer days of swelling may mean more productive days with less pain.

Improved breath and cardiovascular performance coupled with reduced swelling makes a great recipe for various types of performance. Whether you are an opera singer, a professional speaker, or enjoy competing with yourself athletically, then salt therapy offers an opportunity to increase performance naturally.

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