Healthy Habits for Asthma

If you or someone you love has the medical condition asthma there are some ways that you can improve the quality of your life. Healthy habits go a long way in helping you breathe better, and have less emergency asthma attacks which can be quite scary when they are happening. Encourage those around you if you live with other people to follow some of these healthy habits since they will help you live better as well.

Limit Exposure To Cigarette Smoke

Whether you or someone close to you smokes it’s very detrimental to an asthmatic to be around smoking, even second hand smoke. Keeping a smoke free environment which means that no one smokes at ll in the home can help. You don’t even want to be around clothing or furniture that has a smoky smell because that might even trigger an asthma attack.

Ventilate Your Kitchen

Make sure any areas that you cook in are properly fanned, and ventilated so that the smoke and aroma from cooking certain foods doesn’t irritate your breathing passageways. This is especially true of cooking spicier foods that when come in contact with hot oils can get air borne rather quickly causing breathing irritation. When cooking if you can, open windows in the kitchen to allow fresh air to circulate freely.

Have a Healthy Diet

Diets that are high in fat, and fried foods are not going to be beneficial to you. Eating a well balanced diet of mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain carbohydrates, and lean proteins are best for weight control. Being overweight or obese can greatly contribute to breathing problems by making it harder for you to exercise or get enough air to your lungs. Healthy lifestyle choices in the foods you put in your body will help to overall improve your general health, making even your asthma less traumatic for you.

Have a No Pet Policy

This is a tough one for most people to follow through with. People love their pets, and when they find out that their beloved calico cat fluffy is the source of many of their asthmatic problems they are still reluctant to get rid of that animal. If pet hair and dander is an allergy and asthma trigger for you then it’s so much better to just have a “no pet policy” in your home. You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel without the presence of an animal. Get a fish if you truly can’t live without a pet.

Look For Alternative Treatments

Halotherapy is an excellent type of alternative therapy to help manage the symptoms of asthma. It involves the use of salt to help the body open up the air passageways better to reduce the amount of asthmatic attacks that a person has. This has been a therapy used for respiratory illnesses for centuries. The benefits truly make salt therapy something to consider if you or someone you love has asthma. Employing a variety of different lifestyle and therapy choices will work best to control your asthma so that you can live the productive, happy life you desire.

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