Benefits of Infrared Therapy

All the Benefits of Natural Sun, without the UV Rays

Infrared therapy simulates warm, invigorating sunlight without utilizing damaging UV light. It’s a safer way to raise body temperature, increase circulation, and promote healing at the cellular level. 

Benefits of Infrared Therapy

  • Detox and Weight Loss. Regular infrared sauna use detoxifies fat cells to promote weight loss, as well as removes metals and toxins from the body.1,2
  • Lower Alzheimer and Dementia Risk. Studies show that regular infrared sauna use may lower the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.3 Increased blood flow throughout the body delivers oxygen-rich blood to the brain, organs, and throughout the body.
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health. Infrared provides a low heat that safely stimulates blood flow, providing benefits like those experienced through exercising, and improves heart health.4,5
  • Pain Relief. Sit back and relax—the infrared light warms tired muscles, causing them to relax, and increases the flow of blood (and healing oxygen) to problem areas.6
  • Less Depression, Stress, and Fatigue. Heat is comforting and relaxing. As you enjoy infrared therapy, your body slowly releases tensions, promoting a better night’s sleep and a clearer mind.7,8
  • Anti-Aging. Infrared encourages collagen and elastin production, which can help tighten sagging skin, soften rough patches, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.9
  • Athletic recovery. Rest and regain your strength—and maybe even improve your endurance—with infrared therapy. It promotes muscle recovery and better circulation.10

The Effects of Infrared Therapy on cognitive functions

Infrared therapy is non-invasive healing, this gentle light therapy has been associated with numerous health benefits, but it can also be used to treat certain cognitive disorders. Here is a look at how infrared therapy can potentially improve dementia symptoms, reduce Alzheimer’s risks and enhance overall cognitive functioning:

  • Improved Memory – Studies have shown that regular exposure to near-infrared radiation can improve memory recall among people with cognitive impairments. This includes those with age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Reduced Inflammation – Inflammation in the brain has been linked to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. By stimulating circulation and eliminating nerve damage, infrared therapy reduces inflammation levels throughout the body including your brain.
  • Sharper Focus – The improved blood flow resulting from infrared treatment enables better oxygen delivery to your brain tissues, leading to enhanced concentration and sharper mental focus. This makes it easier for you to perform tasks requiring attention span or problem-solving skills.
  • Stress Relief – As mentioned earlier, infrared radiation helps promote relaxation which in turn reduces stress levels throughout your body including your brain. This can help calm down the mind and prevent damage caused by chronic stress which could otherwise lead to further cognitive decline over time.


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