Halotherapy for COPD

If you or someone you love suffers from COPD then you know how difficult this disease can be to treat. “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” tends to develop in older adults who have the risk factors for the illness. Sadly this chronic lung disease is responsible for many deaths each year, affecting millions of Americans according to the American Lung Association.

It’s said that COPD is the third leading cause of mortality in the United States. So getting an older person with this serious illness treatment is vital to their quality of life. Sometimes caregivers or children of the person suffering from COPD are responsible for finding the right treatments for them. An older person who is reluctant to try halotherapy or salt therapy will find that once they start coming to the Salt Suite for treatment, their daily symptoms are going to be greatly improved.

Symptoms of COPD Millions Deal With

Some of the symptoms of the illness are the following:

It can be helpful to get the illness diagnosed early for proper treatment. Smokers are the most affected, but it can also target non-smokers as well. Your environment is a cause or risk factor of the illness, from air pollution, second hand smoke, and even dust, fumes, and chemicals in a workplace can lead to the illness developing later in life.

A Comfortable Setting For Treatment In Our Adult Relaxation Suite

Finding the right treatment can greatly improve a person’s daily living. That’s why coming to the salt therapy clinic at the Salt Suite is a great choice to make. As a caregiver, all you have to do is drive the person with the illness to the clinic. Then they can sit in a comfortable chair while the salt particles in the air courtesy of the “halogenerator” do all the work. That person can listen to soft music, read a book, or even use a tablet while in the halotherapy rooms. The results are a significant reduction of your choice COPD symptoms.

There is nothing to lose in getting your loved one the right treatment for their COPD issues. Having them on a monthly maintenance schedule is going to ease symptoms in the right way and they will enjoy getting the treatments each time they come, because it’s a completely non-invasive treatment method. All they have to do is just sit, breathe, and be comfortable during each session. That’s all it takes to glean the benefits of this time tested salt therapy brought to you by the Salt Suite.