Salt Lamps: Do They Improve Health?

As someone in the salt therapy industry, I’m often asked ‘if salt lamps work?’. I understand what the person is asking by “work”. There are many claims about salt lamps.

The Claims: Some state that salt lamps filter the air in a room cleaning it of germs and toxins. I had one person state, “I don’t care what they say, I haven’t had a cold since I bought a salt lamp”. Others hold a theory, that when salt is heated, negative ions are produced and electromagnetic radiation is balanced, or that they are blue light blockers from computers and modern technology. Others take the researched benefits of salt therapy and ascribe them to the salt lamp- they help you breathe better (helping allergies, asthma, and coughs), lower stress, and improve sleep. And then there are claims of mood boosting, and energy raising.

But is it true? I scoured for research on ‘salt lamps’ and conditions like allergies, asthma, breathing issues, stress, sleep, energy, mood, and so forth. While I am aware of many research studies that touch on these areas for salt therapy, I could not find research nor studies to suggest salt lamps could generate the effect. I have found research that heated salt produces negative ions, but it does not seem that the amount of salt in a lamp generates enough negative ions to balance my laptop, tablet and phone.

I emailed a supplier who makes some of these claims, genuinely hoping that an email with research attached would shortly arrive.  Two follow contacts later, and I did not receive a response.

Common Sense Applied: In our Adult and Children’s’ suites, our halogenerators release over 800,000 particles of pharmaceutical grade salt at a size of two microns or less. Two-microns would equal a size 30 times finer than a human hair. These particles travel into the respiratory tract, lungs, and deeper layers of skin. So, if the average US salt cave is say, 400 square feet, then how could heating one lamp in the same space produce same therapeutic results as well as block blue light, and the clean the air?

So Why Does The Salt Suite® Sell Salt Lamps? That’s an easy question, because they are beautiful. And what pleases the senses often does relax us. I love the glow of my lamp and kitchen nightlight on a cloudy day. It gives a warm pinkish orange glow through its Himalayan salt. It lets my mind wonder to a distant land. I appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship. Looking at the lamp, does relax me. And it reminds me of my time at The Salt Suite®, a gentle nudge to keep on my consistent schedule of salt therapy so that I have fewer allergy symptoms and I am better able to fight off colds and flu. Staying healthier allows me to spend time with my mom who turns 80 in a few months and visit my daughters in college.

Salt Lamps and salt décor items offer a beautiful way to light and decorate a space. While I wish that the claims were true, my attempts to find research and application of common sense led me to see them as an aesthetically pleasing item, but not one that I rely upon for respiratory and health benefits.

Our blog writer, Tiffany Dodson, is Chief Experience Officer for The Salt Suite®. She is responsible for ensuring an excellent client and team member experience. Tiffany first learned of salt therapy a few years ago. She entered her first session with a migraine and was amazed that the pain disappeared.  After spending a year researching medical articles and the industry, Tiffany joined The Salt Suite®. In her spare time, you will find her taking salt therapy for allergies and an immune boost as well as to help her skin appear younger. She enjoys working out and spending time with family, including a husband, two daughters, three dogs and two horses.

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