How Does Salt Therapy Improve Skin Health?

Itchy and dry skin feels so uncomfortable. It distracts focus from what is important. Not to mention psoriasis and eczema can make wardrobe and even hair style decisions for those affected. And how many of us don’t want to look a little younger? Well, those taking their salt therapy in the kids’ suite may not want to look younger, but the rest of us do. Can salt really do all of that- improve symptoms of skin issues and make us look younger? Yes, it can, and research shows it!

Want healthier skin, hair, and want your skin to regenerate? Then look no farther than salt therapy. A 2006 study showed that salt therapy improves skin as well as hair! As microscopic salt particles touch exposed skin, it increases skin cell ion channels and activates electrophysiological activity that creates skin protection. In addition to being anti-inflammatory and killing bacteria, it releases fluid trapped in tissue. As salt penetrates the skin, it balances the Ph, and encourages skin regeneration1. By its nature, salt aids in draining the lymphatic system as it thins mucus and clears pathogens detoxifying the body. This helps clear the skin from acne and blemishes. 

Among many benefits, this study found that salt therapy improves:

  • “atopic dermatitis, diffuse and exudative form in maintenance phase
  • recurrent urticaria
  • psoriasis in maintenance phase
  • eczema
  • sebaceous hypersecretion (seborrhea adiposa)
  • pyodermatites
  • pinta and onychomycosis
  • thermal cutaneous lesions
  • postoperative states (aesthetic surgery)
  • comedogenous disease (acne)
  • cellulite
  • fading skin
  • trichopathy1

Fighting a skin issue like neurodermatitis disseminate, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, streptodornase, or others? According to a 2003 study, salt therapy can help. Those with atopic dermatitis were found to benefit most in this study, especially when there was fluid in the tissue. This study also found a benefit to the outer cosmetic layer of skin2.

Woman scratching her arm due to skin issues.

More specifically, how does salt therapy improve these conditions? Halotherapy works on superficial and deeper skin layers increasing activity and improving the skin’s protective properties. This provides healing as well as cosmetic effects. Salt therapy normalizes skin pH, stimulates “restorative and regenerative processes in the epidermis and derma resulting in increases in skin rigidity”. Plus, the therapy “Improves microcirculation cellular membrane activity, enhances skin regeneration and elasticity, and reduces wrinkles and edema” all with insignificant risks3.

With insignificant risks and the ability to improve skin issues and make the skin appear more youthful, why are we not booking a salt therapy session now? Clients with skin conditions tell us that it takes two to three sessions a week and about two months before they see and feel a significant improvement. Let’s get started today!

Handsome man looking at himself in mirror.

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