Does Halotherapy Reduce Stress?

The world can be a stressful place with stress coming from our personal lives, careers, and surrounding world events. Wouldn’t it be nice if a 45-minute salt therapy session could reduce stress levels? Fortunately, scientists have found that salt therapy does have a positive impact to stress.

A scientific study titled “Halotherapy Benefits and Risks” concluded that salt therapy is a natural treatment with insignificant side effects that offers a “beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state” on both adults and children. The study also found that salt therapy may improve some psychosomatic conditions including:

  • stress and fatigue
  • headaches
  • immune reactivity1

How might salt therapy improve stress? Salt is naturally antibacterial. Salt coated walls and floor paired with a state-of-the-art HVAC and airflow system allows salt’s bactericidal properties to ensure air purity2. During salt therapy, the body is breathing clean air, so it is not having to work as hard at cleaning the air. This allows the body to rest. Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory and helps to lessen inflammation in the body3. Chronic inflammation has been linked to damaging healthy cells body tissue including the organs over time. Inflammation can lead to DNA damage, tissue death, and internal scarring.

All of these are linked to the development of several diseases including:

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • type 2 diabetes
  • obesity
  • asthma
  • neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease4

While reducing inflammation in the body, salt also works to rid the body of bacteria and pathogens by thinning mucus in the respiratory tract, reducing inflamed passageways, thus clearing the toxins from our body5. A 2006 study found that the detoxifying benefits combined with the anti-inflammatory properties that a positive psycho-emotional benefit is realized, and salt therapy had an antidepressant effect6. Lower stress combined with happier feelings, getting a good night of rest becomes easier.

Older woman laying in bed.

With less inflammation and open airways, salt therapy has also shown to improve sleep, even in children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy, enlarged tonsils7.

Many of us fail to take time to restore and recharge. In addition to researched benefits, salt therapy provides a moment to breathe clean air, separate from daily stresses, focus on yourself8. Recharge, breathe, and reduce stress naturally with salt therapy.

Black man relaxing back in office chair.
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