Is Salt Therapy Safe for Children?

Parents seek salt therapy for children for many reasons.  The most common include, asthma , ear infections, skin conditions and an immune boost to make catching colds, flu and virus less likely.  As a parent, we want to help our child and make certain that we do not cause harm.  So, commonly, parents ask if salt therapy is safe for children.  While we always suggest talking with your doctor, studies indicate that salt therapy can be a safe, all-natural therapy for children.

Routine salt therapy for children with asthma: Asthma is one of the most common conditions that send parents seeking to learn about salt therapy.  Several studies have specifically studied the affect of salt therapy on children with the condition. One in particular studied 235 children, 177 with asthma, ages seven to sixteen over a four year span.  A control group used sputum induction only, while the others received sputum induction and salt therapy.  Those receiving salt therapy benefited more as salt successfully moved mucus.  The study noted that the therapy was tolerated well and is less invasive than other methods1. A different 2017 study shared in Pediatric Pulmonology found that children with asthma who took seven weeks of salt therapy at two sessions per week showed fewer constrictions had fewer spasms2.  A 2016 study found that children with asthma showed improved quality of life measures after salt therapy sessions3.

Deep in the respiratory tract: A 2015 study examined 120 children ages five to fifteen.  In combination with modern medical treatments, the doctors evaluated children with endoscope and x-ray images.  Those receiving salt therapy showed more benefit to the doctors’ treatment4.

Reducing ear infections and skin conditions: Children with ear infections often experience the reoccurring pain. With skin conditions, no parent wishes to watch their child have an itch that a scratch does not remedy. A 2016 study showed that salt therapy helps with both5.  Salt therapy reduces the inflammation in the sinus and into the middle ear area as well as thins the fluid so that it drains more easily.  For skin conditions, salt therapy penetrates deep into the skin layers, killing bacteria that may come from constant scratching and reducing the inflammation, improving the effects of childhood eczema and psoriasis.

Children’s salt therapy: Children often comment that they don’t want to leave our kid’s suite!  They often think of their salt therapy as play time. With salt therapy offering a safe all-natural complement to modern medicine, parents often choose to add it for respiratory and skin conditions as well as to boost immunity from the latest bug going around. And when your child feels better, you feel better too!

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