Halogenerators and What They Mean for Your Salt Therapy Session

You don’t have to travel very far today to enjoy salt therapy. However, before The Salt Suite® was founded, you may have had to book a flight to Europe to get the same experience!

Salt’s therapeutic applications were discovered in 1843, when a Polish physician noticed that workers in local salt mines seemed healthier and heartier. Since then, therapeutic salt spas have exploded in popularity—mainly throughout Europe, where salt mines and deposits are more plentiful.

But salt mines were just the beginning. Now salt caves, salt springs, and even salt chambers—rooms with salt-covered walls—are all popular ways to receive salt therapy. At The Salt Suite®, we use something totally different, yet very similar to natural salt caves: halogenerators.

What are halogenerators?

Salt therapy might have remained a Europe-specific experience if not for the invention of halogenerators (or “salt generators”). These unique machines have allowed salt therapy to grow beyond the natural limitations that bound traditional therapeutic spas.

Halogenerators disperse minute pieces of salt into the air. These salt particles are optimally sized for therapeutic use, and the halogenerator controls the amount and rate of spread.

Thanks to halogenerators, people who don’t live near natural salt mines, caves, and springs can now enjoy all the benefits of salt therapy in a man-made setting. Simply sitting in a salt-covered room isn’t enough to see results—the halogenerator is absolutely necessary for a “therapeutic” experience!

How does The Salt Suite® use halogenerators?

The Salt Suite® is proud to say that every location in our franchise family is equipped with a therapy-grade halogenerator. As we mentioned earlier, just being in a salt-covered room—even if the ceiling and floors are covered—isn’t sufficient. While we do outfit our therapy rooms in salt for a more comprehensive experience, it’s the halogenerator that makes the difference in our clients’ wellness.

Furthermore, we adjust our halogenerators to suit our manmade salt caves specifically. They are set to grind and disperse pure-grade sodium chloride particles that perfectly suit the room—both in terms of size (30 times finer than a human hair) and rate (about 800,000 in one 45-minute session). Rest easy knowing that you’ll always get the most authentic salt therapy experience available at The Salt Suite®!

Your halogenerator questions, answered

Can’t I just go to the beach? Not exactly. Unlike the precisely ground salt particles emitted by our halogenerators, the salt in beach air is much more variable. Its size and density aren’t controllable, and therefore aren’t good for therapeutic use.

Additionally, beach salt is wet. Dry salt is essential for salt therapy because once a particle becomes saturated with moisture, it can no longer be absorbed into your skin or respiratory system. The salty air in our chambers is over 40 times drier, ideal for wellness purposes.

Is it as good as real salt caves? Yes—and it might even be better. Natural salt caves (as well as any other natural salt feature, like a spring or mine) are subject to fluctuations in nature. That means the climate in these places can never be 100% controlled—unlike The Salt Suite®’s salt chambers. The halogenerator allows us to precisely, and most of all consistently, create a therapeutic environment.

Is it safe to breathe in that much salt? Absolutely. Our halogenerator helps keep the level of salt in the air safe and effective. Not only that, but the air in our salt chambers is also cleansed constantly by our powerful ventilation system. Pure oxygen, plus tiny salt particles, is all you’ll breathe during your visit.

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You probably don’t have plans to travel to Europe for salt therapy anytime soon. But why would you, when you can simply visit The Salt Suite® for a similar (or even better) experience? We’ve made halogenerators a part of our wellness experience because they simulate the environment of real salt caves. This isn’t “the next best thing”—this is the best thing, and it’s more accessible than ever.

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