Common Airborne Allergies

In different parts of the country people have varying allergy problems. The issues that they face are directly relating to temperature, and different types of allergens in the air such as pollen or ragweed. There are however several types of airborne allergies that are fairly common throughout the country.

According to the American Allergy Association, people spend as much as 11 billion dollars per year on allergy medication as treatment. An estimated 36 million people have some form of seasonal allergies. That’s a lot of poor allergy sufferers. Florida because of their intense allergy season has a good portion of people that see a doctor each year for allergy issues. Some allergy triggers include:

  • Pollen: This allergen is a fine powdery, sometimes yellow particles that float through the air. They land on everything, and when breathed in can cause allergy issues. Plants and trees that don’t flower usually produce pollen spores that become airborne.

  • Ragweed: The daisy family is where ragweed comes from. Their little green flowers produce ragweed that can cause significant issues with hay fever.

  • Grass: Those who are allergic to the grass pollen shouldn’t do obvious things like mow the lawn which can trigger an allergic reaction.

  • Mold: This can appear as black, blue or green in nature. It’s a type of fungus that loves to multiple in damp environments.

The last one on the list is especially problematic for many homes. Mold loves to flourish in humid, damp environments. So those that are allergic to mold have to be careful to de-humidify their environments in order to lessen the growth of certain types of mold. Black mold can be especially difficult to get rid of in a home once it starts growing. It lurks behind walls, under floorboards, and in bathroom duct areas. If you have garage or attic spaces you want to be sure that boxes don’t get damp and moldy. Those mold spores will spread quickly from those areas, becoming airborne and causing all sorts of problems.

Problems such as breathing issues, itchy watery eyes, coughing, and a scratchy throat that doesn’t go away. So what is the best way to deal with your season allergies? Talking to a doctor who can guide you into the right over the counter medications can help. You can also explore the benefits of salt therapy through your local The Salt Suite®. When breathing the tiny dry particles of salt it flushes out bacteria and allergens from the airways because salt is an expectorant and natural anti-bacterial.  It will open up the airways to make breathing much easier.

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