Healthy Habits: A How-to Inspiration

Any change begins with introspection. Creating a healthy habit starts by acknowledging a need for change. When starting a new regimen or breaking a current bad habit, the first step is recognizing our desire to improve. One of the most important aspects of this is a simple reason. Having a reason that is valid in the first place is important to keep in mind daily. Recognizing the need for change isn’t enough to create a healthy habit. Having reminders are essential to continue on the path for change. Here’s how to create a healthy habit that sticks.

Positive Thinking Is Half The Battle

A faltering attitude can stunt a healthy habit from inception. If at anytime doubt creeps into your subconscious, you subject yourself to failure. The beginning of making any change is a healthy positive attitude. Remember that book, “The Little Engine That Could”. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  Then it becomes “I know I can” with every step towards you goal.

Writing positive things down about yourself can be a reminder. Making a list of good habits you have successfully learned will help bolster your resolve. Keeping it as easy as writing one positive thing about yourself on a daily calendar can be a great tool.

Using family and friends can also be helpful with positive thinking and having someone you can share your triumphs with. Another beneficial tool is keeping your new habit fun. For example with fitness, you might not love running endlessly on a treadmill, but you enjoy hiking through the mountains with a pal. So make that a part of your new habit.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Deciding to completely overhaul yourself can lead to disaster. Choose something small like an eating habit, being more physically fit, or correcting poor sleep is a great way to start. Keeping a habit is dependent on an accomplishing a task you do everyday. Simplicity is key. Small changes can lead to bigger better changes down the road.

Registering for a marathon without ever going for a jog obviously isn’t going to work. If a marathon is your desire, start with a simple steps through a realistic timeline in which you’d like to see progress. Continuing everyday is the habit you’ll eventually be used to.

Endurance Is The Long Game

A habit is by its nature something we do in our subconscious. Every bad habit had its root somewhere, until it became something we did often and weren’t even aware we were doing. How annoying is that?

Knowing that eventually your new healthy choice will become something you do without having to summon up every bit of strength you have is going to make a habit stick. Endurance is longevity. With every passing day your decisions  become routine.

Every successful positive change you make is a start to your accomplishments. Failure can add to frustration with seeds of doubt in even attempting change. Give yourself kudos for even trying. Always pride yourself on the positives and positive change is inevitable. You will find as a result to your new found habit, an additional habit of positive thinking, attitude, and enjoyment.

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