What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a salt based treatment that can alleviate a number of conditions. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, and even COPD, you might be the right candidate for salt treatment. Halotherapy comes from the Greek word, “halos” which means “salt.” All different kinds of salt treatment have been used around the world for centuries. Salt in many forms naturally is produced in caves or from the sea. Its uses when discovered thousands of years ago, have been helping people breathe better, build up their immune systems, and purify the body quite well for a long time. It’s the time tested value of this type of therapy that can improve many people’s quality of life. The Salt Suite® is proud to be a part of this innovation in medical history.

A Medical Pioneer

One of the first people who brought salt therapy to the masses was Feliks Boczkowski, a Polish doctor in 1843 who realized that salt mine workers had superior respiratory systems and didn’t have the same kind of lung diseases as other miners. Many spas set up their treatments based on his findings. He was also able to bring this form of “Speleotherapy” into a hospital setting to treat a host of illnesses.

Halogenerators were then developed to create a dry salt environment indoors in a small room setting. When you breathe in the salt air it travels deep into the lungs to open up the air sacs lining the lung walls. Inflammation is greatly reduced when this type of salt air is taken in regularly.

Salt In The Air

Since the salt caves were the first places that people discovered helped those in respiratory distress breathe better, it’s a great solution to bring this to the medical field. The natural sodium chloride that permeated the air reduced inflammation in the air passageways. Caves were discovered in Poland, Russia, Romania, Austria, and the Ukraine. That’s just a few of the countries that have these naturally occurring landmarks. This is why Europe was on the forefront of halotherapy as a medical treatment, as well as the Russians in particular during the late 1980’s because they pioneered using salt to treat respiratory issues in a clinical setting. Plus, the Russian Minister of Public Health endorsed halotherapy in 1990 as a valid medical treatment, which gave a ton of credibility to aerated dry salt rooms.

The treatment rooms were designed to mimic the salt caves. As more and more people discovered its benefits, the treatments spread around the world. You can now have this type of therapy at the Salt Suite® locations.

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