Halotherapy for Asthma: Natural Wellness

If you or someone you love has asthma then you know how difficult it can be to manage the symptoms. They can come out of nowhere, triggered by exercise, allergies, or even a friend’s cherished pet cat. Asthma is usually an inherited condition you are born with that causes inflamed airways. Although some people do develop the illness later in life due to environmental issues, such as dander or poor air quality in the area you live in. People often relocate to help alleviate their asthma symptoms if they are significantly troubling to them.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, along with the CDC, estimates that about one in 12 people have asthma. That’s around 8 percent of the population and sadly the numbers are actually growing year by year. Finding ways to improve asthma to live a high quality of life is important. Have you heard of halotherapy for asthma? This therapy is based on salt caves that are centuries old, which have helped people’s respiratory issues since practically the beginning of recorded time. Now The Salt Suite® has been able to bring that effective therapy right to you with their halotherapy clinics.

How The Salt Suite® Can Help

The Salt Suite® is the premier halotherapy Franchise. Our facilities are equipped with aerated salt rooms that you can comfortably sit while taking salt therapy. We even have separate rooms that cater to children. Childhood asthma is a problem for millions of children all over the world. Parents want what’s best and most natural to treat their child’s symptoms, so they can run and play just like children should, without having to worry about constricted breathing due to asthma. There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer with this condition.

That’s why The Salt Suite® is happy to be able to offer our services to both adults and kids with asthma.

Recommended Session Times

For people with asthma issues, we recommend that you sign up for our membership service. That way you can easily afford the recommended course of treatment, which is usually around 10 to 20 sessions. Rest assured though, you are going to feel better after just one to three sessions. The time you will sit in the salt rooms and each session is going to be 45 minutes. After you start to feel results by breathing easier, you can probably commit to one to three sessions per week. It will just depend how well your respiratory system is responding.

The salt air is going to naturally open up your airways to allow less troubled breathing. What that means for asthma is an overall feeling of well being knowing that you are in control of your asthma symptoms. We do not recommend going off your medications.  Halotherapy is meant to supplement your doctor prescribed treatments. Contact us today to discuss how we can best tackle your asthma issues at one of our various locations.

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