Halotherapy for Severe Asthma

When you or someone you love has asthma finding treatment can be complicated. Avoiding your triggers can be another obstacle to overcome. Severe asthma, according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, affects about 24 million Americans. That’s about 1 in 13 people with the disease. Of course, there are different levels of severity with asthma, but acute asthma can take its toll on your life if you suffer the symptoms. Those include, shortness of breath, wheezing, your chest feeling closed up or heavy, and blue lips. An acute severe asthma attack can also be life threatening. So this is a condition to take very seriously for those that suffer greatly from it. Respiratory failure is serious, so finding ways to treat it can be a life changer.

Salt Therapy For Severe Asthma In Adults

When you commit to a salt therapy program, you might find that your acute asthma attacks decrease in number. Isn’t that just the best news? That means you won’t need to use your rescue inhaler as often because attacks in general are much less frequent. The salt air in the halotherapy rooms helps to open up the airways for better breathing. Think about how much this will change your overall quality of life when you don’t have to worry so much about asthma getting in the way of your active lifestyle. It’s truly the weight of the world off of your chest when you don’t have to stress over the simple act of breathing in and out.

Great For Children With Severe Asthma

Don’t forget that children that suffer from severe asthma can benefit from this non invasive treatment too. At The Salt Suite®, we offer special family membership packages on a monthly basis. Plus, we have specific rooms geared towards children that have special toys and books in them. These anti-bacterial, and allergen free rooms are sterile and soothing to a child with severe asthma. They won’t even really know they are being treated, just breathe in the air and have fun! It’s much better than a typical doctor’s visit.

Talk with us today about your severe asthma symptoms and how The Salt Suite® can provide you with a non-invasive way to tackle the problem. Feel better one session at a time by taking in the purifying salt air of our extraordinary halotherapy rooms in any of our Florida locations. Don’t let asthma control your daily activities as much anymore, but always check with your doctor about any new treatment methods you’d like to try.  Salt therapy is meant to complement existing medications.

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