Allergy Triggers and How to Avoid Them

If you have allergies to certain things in the environment, seasonal allergies, or food sensitivities that cause complications in your life then there may be ways that you can avoid some of your worst allergy triggers. When allergies are very serious you may have breathing problems or even go into anaphylactic shock which would then require a trip to the emergency room. Depending on what your triggers are, your allergy doctor can be able to tell you for sure with just a few simple test to diagnose what specifically you are allergic to. They can do this in the doctor’s office with a surface skin test. It’s mildly uncomfortable, but not painful which will allow the doctor to pinpoint your allergies. Then you can also look to alternate therapy choice such as Halotherapy or “salt therapy” to lessen your symptoms. Here are a few ways to avoid common allergen triggers.

Get Rid Of Pets

This is a tough one for all you pet lovers out there who cherish Fluffy or Buster from the bottom of your heart, but if you are allergic to pet dander then you are best to give your pet away to another home. Itchy watery eyes, breathing problems, and rashes are just a few common side effects of coming into contact with pet hair if you have severe allergies to it. There isn’t any way to fight it unless you take a daily allergy pill, vacuum daily, and keep your pets off the furniture especially your bed. You’ll have a much easier time in a pet free home keeping your allergy symptoms under control. Sorry Fido.

Take a Shower After Any Outdoor Exposure

If you are outside working in the yard, or have a job where you work outside then during allergy season when you come home you want to immediately shower off. This will get rid of some the outdoor allergens that may have adhered to your clothes or shoes. It does help to at least rinse off quickly. Another way to purify your system is with Halotherapy. This form of salt therapy can go a long way in purifying your body to make your lungs clear and your skin clean. Many spas are offering salt therapy for clients with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Keep Shoes By The Door

To avoid tracking allergens through your house from the outside, make it a policy in your house to keep all shoes by the door. Don’t track the outdoors into your carpets, and floors. This will help keep your house cleaner which will trigger less allergic responses.

Read Ingredients Carefully

If you or someone in your family has a life threatening food allergy then make sure you read labels carefully to make sure the allergenic ingredient isn’t in your foods. This is especially true of nut allergies that are very serious in nature. A “peanut free” home isn’t that hard to control if you are vigilant in what you buy at the store.

Avoiding your allergy triggers isn’t impossible, it just takes some extra special care to make sure you are living the best life possible. Once you are completely aware of your specific allergens it’s much easier to take the proper precautions to deal with them. Everyone level of allergic response is different so it’s up to you to know how much exposure you can handle.


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