Dr. Chervinskaya on Salt Therapy

One of the biggest supporters of Halotherapy or salt therapy is Dr. Alina Chervinskaya. She is the Head of the Scientific and Clinical Center of Preventive and Rehabilitation Pulmonology of the Sokolov Clinical Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. This well regarded specialist , who received her doctorate from the Leningrad Institute of Medicine, has been exploring this important field of work for the past twenty years. Her specialty is pulmonary and respiratory therapy. Designing specific controlled environments of Halotherapy has brought much relief to her patients that suffer all kinds of ailments from asthma, allergies, and even COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The Cutting Edge Of Her Field

This amazing doctor has been on the cutting edge of technology in her field for her entire professional career for the past thirty years since graduating from medical school, and deciding that her specialty should be pulmonology. The work she has done in rehabilitative medication about the lungs has been life changing for a number of her patients. People look to her as an authority of the subject of salt therapy.

Dr. Chervinskaya believes that long term exposure to a microclimate of salt in a person’s environment can treat many different respiratory ailments. Furthermore, the controlled type of halotherapy that she administers used an element of dry sodium chloride in aerosol form so that the particles are small enough to fully be absorbed into the lungs, and different doses can be administered to suit varying people’s therapeutic needs. She has proven that 86-96 % of her patients have benefitted from this therapy to have a much better quality of life.

Pediatric Patients Have a Special Place In Her Work

This has even led her to treating pediatric patients with this therapy of which 75-85 % have responded positively. Kids with chronic bronchitis are especially assisted by this centuries old technology that is made new by the methods of Dr. Chervinskaya.

Smokers Benefit From Her Findings In Droves

Helping people who smoke has also been an important part of this talented doctor’s studies. Smokers make up a large majority of people with bronchopulmonary problems. By submitting to the Halotherapy treatment their lung functioning has been greatly improved. Just two weekly treatments make all the difference in the world in treating issues like COPD, or allergic rhinitis.

Sharing Her Knowledge Of The Research Is Key

As an advanced pioneer in the field of Halotherapy practices, Dr. Chervinskaya has been published in many important medical journals, and scientific publications that tell of her research findings. At the St. Petersburg Scientific Conference in 2013, the doctor spoke extensively about her work in lung health specifically relating to her advances in Halotherapy through aerosol administration methodology. The report she presented documented a group of workers in an industrial enterprise that exhibited lung problems with high respiratory risk factors, and what she did to help them. She firmly believes that the non-drug method of Halotherapy is the absolute best treatment available to aid in better overall lung health.

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