What can I do if I’m Allergic to my Cat?

If you are an animal lover then you probably have had pets for most of your life. Or if you haven’t had pets, but all the sudden decided to get one then you know how adorable and sweet they can be. What you probably didn’t enjoy finding out was that your brand new shedding friend is irritating your allergies. Even if you didn’t know you had allergies the quickest way to find out is to get a pet, especially a cat. Cats are known to have the exact type of fur that can cause allergies in people to act up. Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat and runny nose are all symptoms of an allergy. Maybe you were always aware you had seasonal allergies like hay fever or felt those same symptoms come on in the presence of a friend’s pet, but you decided to give pet ownership a try anyway. So what should you do if you are allergic to your cat?

A Difficult Choice to Make

Sorry to have to tell you this, but the hardest choice to make and easiest way to deal with an allergy to a pet is to find it a different home. You might love it, but if you are constantly miserable with pet allergies and medication isn’t helping then it’s probably your best option. If you can’t stand to part with your beloved Fluffy feline then here are some of your other choices.

Keep Your Cat In a Specific Area of The House

If you can contain the cat into a smaller area of the house, for example just the downstairs, you might have the chance of a little relief when you go upstairs. It’s especially important to keep the cat’s hair off of your bedding. Trying to sleep in a bunch of cat hair, or with the cat specifically is going to make the problem so much worse. Breathing problems while you are trying to sleep are going to be a dangerous issue to deal with.

Vacuum Everyday

By vacuuming everyday you keep your pet’s cat hair out of the carpet and off of the hard wood floors at least somewhat. This may be a pain to do each day all over your entire house, but if you want to keep your pet it’s something that has to be part of your daily chores. Clean out your vacuum each time after you use it to dispose of any hair that’s been collected in the equipment.

Get The Cat Professionally Groomed

By getting the cat groomed more often you are going to help to make the cat shed less. It rids the cat of excess dander as well. So less hair around your house means less of a reaction to it if you are allergic.

Salt Therapy

Regular visits to The Salt Suite® can help reduce symptoms of allergies.  The number of weekly visits varies depending on the severity of the allergic reaction.  There are monthly memberships available.  Come as much as you can in the beginning to see relieve then you can begin to taper off your visits as your immune system gets stronger.

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