E-Cigs and Lung Function

As more studies link vaping and e-cigarette usage to lower health and lung function, many of those gulled into thinking vapes were safe are now searching for ways to regain some of their lost lung capacity. Many of them are turning to Halotherapy and they’re right. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, salt therapy can help increase lung performance, leading to an overall better quality of life.

E-cigs were introduced to the American market in 2007. Original marketing campaigns purported that e-cigs could help those trying to quit smoking. In addition, some even referred to vaping or e-cigs as a “healthier” alternative to smoking.

However, as the FDA began to crack down on combustible cigarettes, sanctions came down on electronic cigarettes. After a litany of back and forth lawsuits and settlements, the government recently declared all cigarette use as unhealthy and completely unfit for adolescent consumption.

This is because both e-cigs and cigarettes contain harmful tobacco-based nicotine-riddled products. According to experts, nicotine is addictive no matter how it’s consumed. Furthermore, the flavoring used in e-cigs and vapes has diacetyl, a chemical many believe is linked to bronchiolitis obliterans or popcorn lung.
Popcorn lung affects little branches in the lungs called bronchioles. The disease causes inflammation and damage that leads to scarring of the bronchioles, which blocks the flow of air. People who have popcorn lung usually cough, have shortness of breath, wheeze, and are fatigued, even in the absence of a cold or asthma. This lung condition is should not be taken lightly: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes bronchiolitis obliterans as “a serious lung disease that is irreversible.”

Nonetheless, with the right lifestyle changes, the effects of smoking and e-cig use can be lessened. Exercising and halotherapy can increase lung function when used consistently.

At The Salt Suite®, a machine called halogenerator grinds salt into tiny particles and disperses it into the air. This makes it easier to reach deep into the deep parts of the respiratory tract, dissolving bacteria and other pollutants and at the same time eliminating mucus plugs from the airway, relieving breathing difficulties. Salt therapy is also employed for its anti-inflammatory properties, resolving the airway inflammation which is the basis of some lung diseases. Due to these healing properties, salt therapy can help relieve the symptoms caused by bronchiolitis obliterans.

If you’re suffering from this disease, or addicted to vaping or smoking, try salt therapy–it’ll cleanse your lungs and help you Breathe Easy™.

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