Why you should use Paraben Free Products?

Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even food products. Parabens are mostly used for their ability to curb bacterial and mold growth, prolonging the life of many health and beauty products.

While not harmful in individual uses, a study has found accumulated clumps of parabens chemicals in women’s breasts. This means that parabens, when used as an ingredient in cosmetics or other body care products, can infiltrate the skin and accumulate to dangerous amounts.

Because of its pseudo-estrogenic properties, the body can use parabens chemicals as if it were estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. Since parabens have been shown to accumulate under the skin, this can cause the body to perceive this accumulation as an estrogen overload. An excess of estrogen is the main cause of breast cancer and other reproductive system illnesses. Thus, the accumulation of parabens has been linked with tumorous growths.

Here at The Salt Suite®, we offer a variety of paraben-free products, such as Mindful Minerals. Mindful Minerals contains over 35 vital minerals, making it a preferable personal care product.

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