Is Salt Therapy Safe for Kids?

When you think of summer, what else do you think of? Perhaps you think of the beach, or maybe the hot weather. But one thing many think of is allergies.

Many of these summer allergy sufferers are kids, who instead of going outside to play with friends, they go outside to sneeze and wheeze. It is never easy, as a parent, to see your child uncomfortable and not being able to help ease his or her pain. But what if you could?

Salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) is a way to help ease your child’s allergy symptoms. The way it works is a machine called the halogenerator produces salty air that, when breathed in, help clear nasal passageways and help alleviate allergy and other respiratory symptoms.

Children who are receiving the salt therapy do so in a room designed with their comfort in mind. The room is filled with age-appropriate toys and books to keep them entertained during the 45-minute session.

The treatment is safe for adults, children, and even babies. The salty air is also safe to be inhaled by expecting mothers.

If your child suffers from allergies or a respiratory illness such as asthma, don’t hesitate to help alleviate those symptoms through halotherapy. Call us to book an appointment today!

“During a typical adult session, customers put their feet up in a comfortable leather chair rest or read and breathe in a dry salt aerosol. The microparticles are blown in the air by halo generators. In our separate children’s room kids play in a big sandbox except with salt on the walls and floor and play while breathing in the dry salt air.”


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