How to Look and Feel Well-Rested this Holiday Season

Often times the holidays present their own kind of stressors from planning trips to visit family, hosting parties or something as small as picking the perfect holiday outfit. Here are three easy tips anyone can add to even the busiest of schedules to be fresh and well-rested this holiday season.

Stress increases the body’s secretion of the cortisol hormone. At normal levels, cortisol gives the body an extra boost of energy. However, if cortisol levels are too high it can suppress your immune system, lead to an increase in carb cravings and an increase in your body’s fat deposits.

The best way to combat high cortisol levels is to increase the body’s dopamine levels, or happy hormones. Exercise is the excellent way to boost hose dopamine levels and fight the holiday blues. So carve out 30 minutes a day, three times a week, for quick pick me up. Whether it’s taking a walk around the neighborhood or running on a treadmill, go for it.

If exercise isn’t your speed, try curling up with a good book. Some find the process of unplugging from the outside world and getting lost in a fictional one as very therapeutic. Research agrees, reading is a great way to increase dopamine levels and kick the funk. In addition, talking about a great storyline or author is a great conversation starter. If your local library is within walking distance, that could be a great way to fuse moderate exercise with reading. If not, pick up a book and saddle up for a literary adventure.

Another sound way to destress is to visit a local park and enjoy some fresh air. We spend so much time indoors we forget how beneficial the outdoors can be to our bodies. Going on a hike, kayaking or just enjoying a meal outside will have positive effects on your body. The fresh air compounded with sun exposure (with proper protection), helps the body create vitamin D along with other necessary vitamins to keep the body functioning at its best.

Although these activities on their own are good, the best results can be achieved by adding halotherapy to your lifestyle.

In terms of exercise, halotherapy can help athletes on a plateau push their body to new limits. James Visor visited one of our Salt Suite® locations “skeptical” of how halotherapy could help him achieve his fitness goals. However, after 12 sessions he had this to say, “I must admit I was rather skeptical about how much sitting in a room full of salt would help. Twelve sessions later and I am amazed at how much it has aided me in my running. I now find that I can push myself harder and for longer.”

Halotherapy clears your body from the inside out as salt enters the lungs and respiratory tract it dissolves bacteria and pollutants and works to expel mucus and open constricted airways. This rids your body of the toxins holding it back, letting it unlock new limits.

While in one of our 45 minute sessions, reading a book is a great way to pass the time. During the session your body is exposed to negative ions that boost dopamine chemicals in your brain. This compounded with the benefits of reading can lead to you feeling more alert and ready to tackle whatever the holidays throw at you.

And if the great outdoors are calling you, halotherapy is a great supplement to taking daily respiratory medication. With the oversight of your doctor, some customers have been able to reduce their medications. Dr. Y. Aaron Kaweblum, Founder of Boca Del Mar Pediatric and Adolescent Center recommended a patient to come experience the healing properties of halotherapy and the results speak for themselves. “He was on strong asthma medication…His mother asked about taking him to The Salt Suite®. Within a few weeks I was able to stop most of this patient’s medications. He is doing better than ever.”

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