Durante miles de años, en muchas partes del mundo, la gente ha aprovechado los beneficios curativos de la sal para respirar mejor, fortalecer el sistema inmunitario y purificar el organismo de bacterias nocivas. Desde entonces, la sal ha influido profundamente en la vida de los seres humanos de todo el mundo. Es el valor probado por el tiempo de la terapia de sal que ha seguido mejorando la calidad de vida de las personas. The Salt Suite® se enorgullece de llevar una terapia antigua, natural y probada a las comunidades de EE.UU. y de proporcionar educación y elección en la forma de curarnos a nosotros mismos y a nuestras familias.

Manténgase al día de las ideas, tendencias, artículos y noticias más recientes del sector de la sal en todo el mundo.

Infórmese sobre la terapia con sal: su historia, usos modernos y anécdotas de la vida real en nuestro minilibro, "La sencilla historia de la sal".

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People are always looking for the “next best thing” in wellness therapy. Life can be tough to deal with sometimes. Illnesses, conditions, and daily stressors make trips the the doctor's office or specialists a regular occurrence for some people. Looking toward natural remedies can be a way of helping to supplement doctor recommended treatments.
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Some of the symptoms of COPD include, chronic cough, shortness of breath, recurrent respiratory infections, fatigue, mucus, and wheezing. The severity of the symptoms can get progressively worse if not treated. Some people in the later stages of the disease even need to rely on an oxygen tank to assist in breathing.
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Are you tired of the numerous episodes of wheezing, gasping for breath, and a never-ending cough you get from asthma? The Salt Suite brings to you a natural remedy to help you lower your asthma symptoms and keep you going with a deep fresh breath.
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Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic health condition that primarily affects the respiratory system, leading to excessive mucus production in the lungs and recurring infections. The condition affects approximately 30,000 patients in the United States1. Around 1,000 new diagnoses of the condition are made in the country each year.
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Have you ever explored the opportunity of owning your own spa and wellness franchise? What about one that specializes in Halotherapy or salt therapy? This is the latest hot spa craze that people are flocking to try. Salt is a well known mineral substance that has substantial healing properties. It’s especially effective for people with respiratory issues. The Salt Suite is one such franchise that you can be a part of a very special family.
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The first documented forms of Halotherapy were in Europe when the monks noticed that when they treated patients in salt caves their respiratory symptoms improved. In 1843 salt clinics were actually opened up in Poland by Dr. M Bojakowski after he read a book by Dr.Buchkowsky who wrote about how salt mining workers actually had less breathing problems then some other mining contemporaries who worked in coal or smoking environments where particle dust was an issue.
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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. The manufacture of the cigarette even print the warnings right on the packs! Still some people, an estiamted that a total of 1 billion people smoke worldwide an average of a pack or two per day.An average of 6 million people per year die of cigratte smoking related deaths. That’s about 1 in 10 people sadly.
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Pollution is a serious issue all across America. There are quite a few cities that the problem is even worse than normal. Whether this is due to excessive vehicles in use, or the way the land is laid out that causes the problems, but if you have any number of respiratory conditions then this poor air quality might be causing your breathing problems. Halotherapy or salt therapy is an effective solution to help purify your lungs with regular treatments. S
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If you have allergies to certain things in the environment, seasonal allergies, or food sensitivities that cause complications in your life then there may be ways that you can avoid some of your worst allergy triggers. When allergies are very serious you may have breathing problems or even go into anaphylactic shock which would then require a trip to the emergency room.
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If you or someone you love has the medical condition asthma there are some ways that you can improve the quality of your life. Healthy habits go a long way in helping you breathe better, and have less emergency asthma attacks which can be quite scary when they are happening.
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Adult Onset Asthma is often diagnosed when people are older than 20-years-old. You would think that most people would discover it in early childhood, but adult onset asthma is more common than you know. Studies have shown that it causes issues in about 1 out of 12 people in the United States.
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I have COPD and I went to the beach numerous times for 35 minutes to breathe the salt air upon my MD recommendation. At the beach, my oximeter read 88 percent (not good). I went to Salt Suite with speculation. My oximeter registered 88 to 92 per-cent on day (1) one.