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F: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
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Bienvenido a Voorhees

Descubra una alternativa 100% natural para encontrar alivio a afecciones sinusales, cutáneas y respiratorias como alergias, asma, EPOC y sinusitis. Escápese de su rutina diaria a un vigorizante oasis de sal. The Salt Suite® lleva más de una década ayudando a sus clientes a llevar una vida más saludable.

¡Visite The Salt Suite® hoy mismo para Respirar Tranquilo™!

Cambia vidas con una carrera que ayuda a los demás

En The Salt Suite ™, su bienestar es de suma importancia. Cambiando vidas, una respiración a la vez ™, una carrera en The Salt Suite ofrece una carrera satisfactoria. Explora las últimas ofertas de trabajo en las franquicias de The Salt Suite ™.

¡Su oasis de relajación y bienestar!

¿Busca escapar de la rutina diaria? No busque más, en The Salt Suite le esperan la tranquilidad y el rejuvenecimiento. Entre en un santuario sereno donde el poder curativo de la sal puede ayudarle a encontrar el equilibrio y la armonía.

Imagínese tumbado en nuestras acogedoras tumbonas, rodeado de un suave y cálido resplandor. Mientras respira el aire salino, sienta cómo el estrés desaparece y le deja fresco y renovado. Nuestra moderna tecnología de haloterapia dispersa partículas de sal micronizadas en el aire, creando una atmósfera que recuerda a una playa virgen.

Si lo que busca es mejorar su salud respiratoria, aliviar alergias o simplemente relajarse, The Salt Suite lo tiene cubierto. 

Descubra el poder transformador de la sal en The Salt Suite. Entre en un reino de pura relajación, donde las preocupaciones cotidianas se disipan y prevalece una sensación de calma. Es hora de dar prioridad a su bienestar y disfrutar de la experiencia de lujo que se merece.

Visite The Salt Suite hoy mismo y embárquese en un viaje hacia el bienestar sin igual. Su cuerpo y su mente se lo agradecerán.

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Reseñas recientes

Rhonda MooreRhonda Moore
01:18 21 May 24
My friend and I went here last Saturday for her birthday. The experience was very relaxing, it helped with clearing my sinuses , it made my skin supple and glowing. The staff was very professional, helpful and informative. I really enjoyed the session.
Jenny WolfsonJenny Wolfson
20:52 08 May 24
Loved it! It was clean, relaxing, and I felt great after my session!
Marjorie RedrowMarjorie Redrow
22:16 07 May 24
The lady at the counter was very nice but the children’s salt room was very dirty there was hair all over the salt. Also thought that the room would be more private but it had a window so everyone could see my kids.
ann falzoneann falzone
11:56 01 May 24
This was a great experience. Felt so good after and my skin felt so good!
Marion BlancoMarion Blanco
23:56 22 Apr 24
Bathroom out of order. Check in not spa like. Chairs should be wiped down after each guest in the salt room. When done was not offered membership or any other packages.
Sharon LSharon L
19:43 12 Apr 24
This place was amazing. It was very soothing and relaxing. The Salt Therapy helped my body rid itself of congestion and created a productive cough to help clear my lungs. I can't wait to use my other sessions. I highly recommend it if you suffer from any type of respiratory ailments.
21:30 01 Apr 24
Phenomenal service and overall experience!
Ariel JohnsonAriel Johnson
10:23 21 Mar 24
Friendly staff and customers and an overall relaxing experience every time I go.
Kirill VaksKirill Vaks
18:26 25 Jan 24
I try to come at least once or twice a month, especially if I’m not feeling well. Follow the breathing prompts they have loaded up on their music player and you’ll get the full benefit of the experience! Great spot and it 💯 works!
Laurel CarrLaurel Carr
16:10 01 Dec 23
Lovely place. Very relaxing and soothing…I felt like my breathing at night was improved from my first session and can’t wait to go back!
Chris HesselbacherChris Hesselbacher
14:55 09 Jul 23
Incredible experience! Relaxing and wonderful! Terrific staff and great value! Highly recommend!
Rosa CherryRosa Cherry
19:09 18 Apr 23
After Covid 19 went through our household in December 2022, I was the only one who remained with an awful cough. At night, especially, unable to sleep no matter what I took for the cough. I remembered reading that in Europe they were using salt therapy to help Covid 19 patients recover. Salt is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral. Nothing lives in it. It had been a month and a half, and I was still unable to stop coughing and I had already been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and steroids.Trying to prevent pneumonia, I bought myself a 3 month package where I could visit the salt rooms frequently. The best health decision ever. Not only did I recover from the awful Covid 19 cough that just wouldn't go away, but I noticed a huge difference in my asthma maintenance. I did not need the nebulizer or the inhalers as frequently, and I later was able to wean off. I noticed a difference in my sinuses. I was able to wean off of the Flonase nose spray. I was also able to finally discontinue antihistamines. I have always had issues with respiratory problems, and between the steroids and antihistamines, I felt unable to function and fatigued many times. I researched more on the issue, and noted that somehow the therapy seems to work with the immune system. In fact, I found I could now eat small amounts of dairy again, without breaking out into severe hives. The best new year's gift to myself ever! The gift of good health. The commitment I made to heal myself was worth every dime and every bit of time I committed going. Thank you to the owners of Salt Suite. It has been wonderful to have my health back.
Jillian LaudanoJillian Laudano
17:12 30 Jan 23
I love the Salt Suite Voorhees!I feel so relaxed and calm when I go there!The salt caves are peaceful, comfortable, and healing to my mind, body, and soul.Self care is very important to me, and Salt sessions are a great way to pamper and unwind. And I feel like I can breathe so much better when I leave a session.You can listen to relaxing music during your session which is always really nice too.Overall, it’s a great place and I highly recommend it.
Scott RosenblumScott Rosenblum
16:40 12 Jul 22
Not long ago, I checked out the Salt Suite when I was in the area visiting family (Disclaimer: I know the owner and she invited me to come see it, so how could I resist! 😊) I was curious and had heard about salt therapy, so I spent 45 minutes in one of the suites.Not only did I breathe better when I got out, but I felt super relaxed. It was just what I needed (as family visits can be stressful) and it was low impact way to recharge, compared to anything involving changing outfits, jacuzzies or whatnot. Can't wait to go back next time I am in South Jersey!
Deena DriesDeena Dries
17:15 05 Apr 22
I love the salt suite , it’s a relaxing calming environment. Clean and friendly staff . I always feel great after I leave !
Jennifer MinnickJennifer Minnick
20:34 19 Feb 22
Incredible experience! I feel relaxed and renewed! Clean and peaceful environment! I cannot wait to go back!
Debi SDebi S
18:04 04 Feb 19
This place is awesome!! Full disclosure: my cousin owns and my sister manages this location... That being said, if you are looking to alleviate allergy, asthma, COPD, or just want a quiet place to meditate for 45 minutes, this place is perfect. If you have children, they have a play room for them that is separate from the adult rooms. If you (like me) don't have children, and still want to relax, you would never know there are kiddos here...Great, relaxing experience. 5 stars...