What is COPD?

You may have seen those commercials on television where a grandfather is talking to his granddaughters about his breathing. He says that “sometimes grandpa has trouble with huffing and puffing, just like the big bad wolf.” The two little girls listen to him intently, very concerned about their beloved grandfather being alright.

Then the commercial goes on to explain that he is suffering from COPD. This is an abbreviation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which can make it hard to get air in and out, hence the “huffing and puffing” of the poor grandfather in the commercial. This may be only a commercial representing the disease, but the fact is this is a serious problem for many people around the world.

The disease also covers chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Here’s some key information about the condition that affects more than 11 million people in the United States alone, according to the American Lung Association.

Symptoms Of COPD

Some of the symptoms of COPD include, chronic cough, shortness of breath, recurrent respiratory infections, fatigue, mucus, and wheezing. The severity of the symptoms can get progressively worse if not treated. Some people in the later stages of the disease even need to rely on an oxygen tank to assist in breathing.

So not only is it vital to talk to your health care professional about your options, but you might want to look into alternative treatments to help curb some of the symptoms. Early treatment can truly make a big difference in your quality of life.

There Isn’t A Cure So Treatment Is Vital 

One treatment option to explore is halotherapy. This time tested and centuries old treatments is based a simple substance, salt. Rooms that are aerated with salt particles are the key to halotherapy treatments. In the Florida area, you can find relief at The Salt Suite®. We offer packages geared towards long term treatment. Monthly plans with unlimited visits start at just $99. When you come in a few times per week, it’s really going to help you feel so much better dealing with your COPD. Plus, the cost averages out to be much less expensive than you might think.

At the Salt Suite® we are dedicated to helping people treat their COPD at any stage of the illness. It can truly be a lifesaver when the salty air helps to open up the breathing passageways and reduce inflammation. You’ll cough less, mucus is reduced, and overall you’ll find that less respiratory infections are possible with the antibacterial benefits of the salt air in our treatment rooms. COPD may not be able to be cured, but with the right combination of medical treatments and halotherapy, you’ll be on the road to feeling better in no time flat. Plus your grandchildren will worry about you less!

"Durante una típica sesión para adultos, los clientes ponen los pies en alto en un cómodo sillón de cuero descansan o leen e inhalan un aerosol de sal seca. Las micropartículas son sopladas en el aire por generadores de halo. En nuestra sala infantil separada, los niños juegan en una gran caja de arena, excepto con sal en las paredes y el suelo, y juegan mientras respiran el aire salino seco."

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