Durante miles de años, en muchas partes del mundo, la gente ha aprovechado los beneficios curativos de la sal para respirar mejor, fortalecer el sistema inmunitario y purificar el organismo de bacterias nocivas. Desde entonces, la sal ha influido profundamente en la vida de los seres humanos de todo el mundo. Es el valor probado por el tiempo de la terapia de sal que ha seguido mejorando la calidad de vida de las personas. The Salt Suite® se enorgullece de llevar una terapia antigua, natural y probada a las comunidades de EE.UU. y de proporcionar educación y elección en la forma de curarnos a nosotros mismos y a nuestras familias.

Manténgase al día de las ideas, tendencias, artículos y noticias más recientes del sector de la sal en todo el mundo.

Infórmese sobre la terapia con sal: su historia, usos modernos y anécdotas de la vida real en nuestro minilibro, "La sencilla historia de la sal".

Vibrant painted Russian structures.
All around the world people have been using salt therapy or Halotherapy for a variety of reasons It’s not exclusive to the United States in anyway, and for hundreds of years this has been an all natural treatment option that can do wonders for the body.
Asian little girl sneezing into tissue.
In different parts of the country people have varying allergy problems. The issues that they face are directly relating to temperature, and different types of allergens in the air such as pollen or ragweed. However, most areas of the country deal with the same allergens.
Five wooden spoons of different sizes with a variety of salts.
Salt is truly one of the most miraculous minerals in the world. Not only are their majestic salt caves located in Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine, there are also a variety of edible salts that can be incorporated into a healthy diet.
Various natural ingredients for home remedies.
The National Institute of Health has something to say recently about asthma and food. If you have asthma you are well aware of some triggers that can bring on the symptoms of your illness. Maybe it’s pet dander, being outside in the grass too long, or even strong fragrances in the air.
Black woman doing meditation.
Any change begins with introspection. Creating a healthy habit starts by acknowledging a need for change. When starting a new regimen or breaking a current bad habit, the first step is recognizing our desire to improve.
Representation of pulmonary arteries, a normal one and an inflamed one.
Even the air passageways of your lungs can be inflamed. A host of different illnesses are due to inflammation in various parts of the body. Asthma for example is inflamed airways that sometimes make it harder to breathe.
A Salt Suite with leather white chairs, salt on walls and on the floors.
Its uses when discovered thousands of years ago, have been helping people breathe better, build up their immune systems, and purify the body quite well for a long time. It’s the time tested value of this type of therapy that can improve many people’s quality of life.
Young woman sneezing on a tissue due to a flower being held on her right hand.
This is an all natural way to manage your condition. Many people then ask is salt therapy a cure for allergies? Well, you will have to continue your visits to manage symptoms. However, you’ll feel so much better after regular sessions at the Salt Suite, that you might think you are cured! Here are some reasons why halotherapy can be an effective way to treat your most pressing allergy problems.
Young man and women breathing easy.
If you or someone you love has asthma then you know how difficult it can be to control the symptoms. They can come out of nowhere, triggered by exercise, allergies, or even a friend’s cherished pet cat. Asthma is usually an inherited condition you are born with that causes inflamed airways.
Head shot of an Indian woman using an inhaler.
Severe asthma, according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, affects about 24 million Americans. That’s about 1 in 13 people with the disease. Of course, there are different levels of severity with asthma, but acute asthma can take its toll on your life if you suffer the symptoms.
Young boy playing in the children salt suite.
Typically, customers with allergies and sinusitis may experience short term results after 1-3 sessions.  For best results however, it is best to come on a consistent basis.  Salt Therapy is not a cure, but a natural way to manage symptoms.  In order to do that, visiting just once isn’t enough.