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Have Fun & Relax

Prices Start at:

1 Session $45

A 45-minute salt cave session for one person. Explore the benefits of salt therapy and see how your body
positively reacts to it.

*Please contact your location for specific pricing

Live Healthier

Immune Support

Four sessions per month included.
Enjoy one session a week – Start building better health!

Membership plans

Prices Start at:

*Please contact your location for specific pricing

Change My Life!

Total Health

Unlimited session per month.
For the best results, we recommend a series of sessions. You and your family can visit as many times as you want, without any restrictions.

Membership plans

Prices Start at:

*Please contact your location for specific pricing

Tu próximo visita a una cueva de sal puede estar más cerca de lo que crees.

Busque una Salt Suite cerca de usted o vea una lista de todas nuestras ubicaciones

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Employee being attentive with clients during a salt therapy session.

Save up to 75% per visit with a membership

Get discounted rates without having to commit to just one session or wellness option. Join the community and feel better, live fuller, and enrich your life. 

Stop by our suite or give us a call and our highly trained salt therapy consultants can help you choose which plan is best for you.

*At participating locations. Additional Services offered as additions to memberships.

Su Seguridad, Su Bienestar

Nuestro equipo está comprometido con su salud y seguridad, mostrando desde el primer día protocolos de seguridad y normas de limpieza ejemplares.

Aprenda más sobre lo que The Salt Suite® está haciendo para proteger a los miembros, invitados y consultores de terapia de sal.

Descubra cómo nuestros a los afiliados les encantan las ventajas de terapia salina en The Salt Suite