What is an Allergen?

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March 22nd, 2016

The definition of an allergen is any substance that causes an allergic response in the body. There are millions of different allergens in the world that can affect someone. If you think you might have allergies, you can get tested at an allergy doctor’s office to find out specifically what in the environment you might be allergic to. This is a simple test involving the skin on the back or arm. The way that it works is that a doctor puts a surface scratch in the skin with a drop of an allergen to find out if you have a reaction to the substance. Redness and swelling in the area will occur if you are allergic. Some common allergens are foods such as nuts, seeds, or shellfish. Or environmental allergens such as pollen, ragweed, pet dander, or even grass. These are some of the ones that many people share. Finding out what you are allergic to can help you avoid some of these substances in your daily life the best you can. Finding ways to treat your symptoms will help you breathe easier.

Other Ways To Test For Allergens

There are also blood test that a doctor can use to determine if you have certain antibodies in your body. The test is called Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) which will measure the body’s response to an antibody. These are common tests performed on people that suspect they have allergies or asthma. This will give you a definitive answer on your allergy problems.

To Treat Allergies or Asthma Related Illnesses

You can take over the counter medication, get allergy shots on a monthly basis from a doctor, or submit to Halotherapy treatments to combat your body’s allergic reaction to things in the environment. Did you know that Halotherapy is one of the best ways to treat allergies? This is not a new technology, but a tried and true treatment that helps so many people around the world.
Salt therapy has been used for centuries to help the respiratory system work better in the presence of irritants. If you feel like you have exhausted the possibilities of medications at your corner drugstore, and still aren’t finding the relief you need especially from seasonal allergies, then make an appointment for a session at The Salt Suite, which is a 100 percent natural way to treat the problem. It could bring you exactly the relief you need to lessen the symptoms you are experiencing.

Can Children Who Have Allergies Benefit?

Absolutely! Sometimes medications can give children unwelcome side effects, such as lethargy or making it difficult for them to concentrate. Using a natural remedy that doesn’t require anything more than simply being in a salt therapy room is a great treatment to try with a younger person. Plus, during the treatment children can look at books, play with puzzles, or other toys to make the time go by faster. It’s a very pleasant experience overall, and children sometimes respond faster then adults. It can help with hay fever, sinusitis, breathing problems, and blocked nasal passages being much relief to anyone with simple allergy issues.