Salt Therapy Overseas






May 5th, 2016

Salt Therapy didn’t originate in the United States, but actually overseas. In areas like Poland, Russia, India, United Kingdom, and Australia it’s quite popular today. They have discovered the many benefits of Salt Therapy or Halotherapy as it’s technically called. Many love that it’s a drug-free, natural way to treat many ailments that plague the body. Natural salt caves were the way that people learned all about what being in that environment could do for these troublesome sinus and breathing issues.
Back in the twelfth century they might not have known why the salt caves made them feel so much better, but they believed in its powers. It cleared up sinus congestion, skin conditions, and even helped with asthma symptoms. That has inspired the use of salt today in Halotherapy around the globe. Here are some of the ways other countries are getting on the salt therapy bandwagon.

The Polish Were The First Ones On Record To Discover Modern Halotherapy

The Polish people built spas around salt caves as part of their therapeutic wellness practice. They found that people with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems could feel better when they breathed in the salt air on a regular basis for short periods of time. Poland isn’t the only one who discovered this proven treatment. Yet, people around the world looked on the Polish as innovators in this healing therapy, and copied what they were doing in the spas and clinics they developed.

India Is In On This Wellness Method

India is well on its way to having many salt clinics around the country. The first one opened up in 2011 in Kochi. Although they haven’t been around that long there, people are quickly finding out how they can help many people. The drug free way that this clinic treats respiratory illnesses is very positive for the country. Overall they have high levels of air pollution in the cities that are overpopulated with people, so many can benefit from breathing treatments in the salt rooms. Air quality is a big factor is respiratory problems, so living in an area of poor air is significant issue to deal with. Luckily the salt clinics are facing this problem head on.

They Love Halotherapy “Down Under”

In Melbourne, Australia “Dr. Salt” of the Salt Therapy Center loves to tout the many ways that this treatment can help people especially in the dry environment of the country. The clinic itself also likes to combine the Halotherapy with other traditional spa methods like massage and Reiki treatments to improve a person’s immune system on a whole body level.

Russians Are Pros At Salt Therapy

The Russians have been Salt Therapy experts since 1989 when their fist salt spa opened up. Having the dry aerosol salt in a sterile environment was beneficial to their people as well. They learned this fact from their natural salt caves that are located in Yakeraburg, Russia in an underground salt mine. Today there are many salt spas around the country.