Salt Therapy For Ear Infections

unhappy young woman has pain in the ear




When you think of ear infections, you probably think only children can get them. The fact is that adults are susceptible to getting certain types of ear infections as well. This is due to a variety of factors including allergies. Some other types come from the very common, “swimmers ear”, and a run of the mill cold or respiratory infections can also lead to ear infections.

The ear infections for an adult usually occur in the middle, and outer ears. You can even give yourself an ear infection by doing something as simple as cleaning your ear a little too roughly with a q-tip! Maybe your grandmother told you to ‘never put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear’? She was right.

If you get an ear infection, you want it to be gone fast. The painful sore feeling in your ear can truly derail your day. Finding a treatment fast is your best option. Did you know that salt therapy for ear infections is gaining in popularity around the country? The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the dry salt flushes out bacteria in the ear canals and reduces swelling.

Try The Salt Suite For Ear Infections

The Salt Suite is your premier stop for Halotherapy, or salt therapy to treat ear issues. You should begin to see imnprovement after 5-10 sessions in our aerated salt filled rooms. The salty air helps to open up passages in the ear canal, which will speed up the healing process. This is a all natural way to treat the problem. You don’t want to rely on antibiotics all the time if you get recurring ear infections, since that can have serious consequences on your basic immune system. Finding alternative treatments is the way to go in securing relief.

A Note About Ear Infections In Children

Ear infections in children can be particularly problematic for them. The intense pain and fluid build-up in the ear can even trigger a fever in a small child. It’s just the body’s response to the infection. It can be so difficult to see your child suffer in this way. That’s why having a treatment that is non-invasive, they will even enjoy is key.

You can sit with your child in the Salt Suite’s special rooms for children. There are sterile toys and books for them to play with, or you can even bring in a tablet to play their favorite video game. All they have to do is sit in the salt room’s environment to bring on the soothing relief. Visiting in the salt rooms for a little Halotherapy will be a pleasure for your child.