Salt And The Skin

Beautiful young woman applying scrub treatment on the skin




Salt and the skin are a match made in heaven. This natural element has been used for centuries to treat many different skin ailments, like eczema, psoriasis, and foot fungus. As an antibacterial and antifungal it’s going to work to clear up problem skin with ease. Not only does salt work wonders on your skin when you sit in the Salt Suite’s Halotherapy rooms, but you can use it in a variety of other spa treatments. Mineral based salts from the Dead Sea and the Himalayan mountains are some of the best grains of salt you can use. We carry a line of both Dead Sea and Himalayan Salt products at all our stores.

Exfoliation You Can Use

If you have never used salt as an exfoliation tool, you’ve been missing out. This is a simple treatment that you can use all over your body, and even for your face. It’s the fastest way to get rid of dead skin cells for brighter clearer skin that is radiant with good health. Our exfoliants are salt mixed with a carrier oil for the body. The texture is similar to a paste, with fine grains of salt mixed in. Apply  to wet skin and scrub in a circular motion for at least five minutes all over your body.

Scrub your face for at least 90 seconds to have that effective exfoliation you need. You want to do this at least three times per week on a consistent basis to see the best results. Always make sure you moisturize facial and body skin after you exfoliate. That new skin that has been uncovered during the scrub needs the hydration.

Detox For The Skin

You can take a salted bath by added them to some warm bathwater. They are able to detoxify the skin for a cleaner, healthier complexion all over your entire body. Plus, if you have psoriasis taking regular salt baths can help with the itching association with the skin disease. Scaly skin is also reduced from the minerals in the salt, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides. All together they work greatly as skin loving minerals on the circulation and immune system functions performed by the body.

Using salt like this for skin health can do amazing things for your skin. Just think about how you feel after a day at the beach. All that salt air is working its magic on your body! In the very same way that our salt treatments rooms do at the Salt Suite.