Halotherapy Origins

Salt corridor




June 6th, 2016

Halotherapy has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks knew of its powers to heal long ago. Hippocrates in 460 B.C. used the salt in medicinal ways as one of the first medical practitioners to study what the effects of salt had on the human body in a positive light. The Egyptians in 1600 B.C. also knew how to use salt to heal wounds in the chest area, and its uses are mentioned in many older history books that have studied this groundbreaking culture.  Of course, the Salt Therapy spas that practice Halotherapy are relatively new in the United States, but the concept itself is certainly not. It comes from the natural salt caves and mines around the world especially in Russia, Poland, and even in Iran where just recently they discovered the 3N Cave in Qeshm Island.

3N Cave – A True Natural Wonder

This natural cave has ever changing salt rock formations, salt rivers, and giant mega doses of salt that form domes all over the cave. This cave is actually quite large at 4.09 miles deep. It’s like a giant salt palace with all the gorgeous salt rock formations that look like natural sculptures.
You can imagine that people have been going there for centuries to breathe in the salt air which would help stem the symptoms of their respiratory issues. The NAMAK Project, funded by the Czech Institute of Geology, were the ones who discovered the cave back in 1997. “Namak” means “salt” in the Persian language.

Caves Around The World

Other caves have been found in Chile, Israel, and around Eastern Europe. The Eastern Europeans were the ones who pioneered salt treatments. 150 years ago, a Polish doctor discovered that the miners who worked in the salt caves didn’t have the lung problems that some of the other minors had in places like coal mines. He surmised correctly that it was the salt that was doing the minors some medical good. One of the mines that is still active today is the Bochnia Mine in Poland which has been around since 1248.

The Salt Suite Is Like a Man Made Cave

That’s why the Salt Suite’s Halotherapy rooms mimic the natural state of those long used salt caves around the world. With new locations in Palm Beach Gardens and Fort Lauderdale there are more and more places around the Florida area and across the country that are discovering just how beneficial these treatments can be for people suffering from allergies, respiratory issues, and asthma. Not only does the Salt Suite have salt on the walls and floor, but each location has generators that grind up salt into microscopic dry particles and blow them into the air.  It is a perfect balance of the ancient practice combined with the technology of today. Halotherapy is a proven treatment that will continue to gain popularity as more Salt Suites open up across the country.