COPD and Salt Therapy

A mature gentleman coughing because of pulmonary disease




June 6th, 2016 

You have probably heard of COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Maybe you have even seen the commerical with a Grandfather sitting with his two young daughters talking about having COPD. His granddaughters say he’s always “huffing and puffing” like the Big Bad Wolf. Not the best comparison, but the disease does affect the airways by constricting a person’s breathing. It’s caused by long term exposure to irritating elements like air pollution, harsh chemicals, and even smoking can lead to developing this illness.

Some Of The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms include difficulty breathing, wheezing, and coughing. Just like the little girls describe about their poor grandfather in the commercial. When the disease is in the advanced stages, sometimes people might need to carry around a portable oxygen tank to help them breathe easier. The oxygen helps to open up the air passages better to facilitate getting valuable air into the body. That opening up of the airways can be helped in other ways as well, namely through Halotherapy or salt therapy.

How The Salt Suite Can Help COPD Patients

The Salt Suite is the premier Halotherapy Franchise. When you enter our salt therapy rooms, all you have to do is relax and breath in the salt air. It’s an all natural way to treat the symptoms of COPD by clearing pollens, pollutants, and other toxic agents from the lungs and nasal passage areas. The way that it goes about doing this is by our Halogenerator. This machine uses purified rock salt to spread tiny salt particles throughout the air to mimic natural salt caves. The dry salt rich air is easy to inhale to allow it to go to work on improving your lung function if you have COPD, or a variety of other respiratory issues. You can even read, or listen to music while you sit calmly in our comfortable treatment room.

Proven Track Record Of Treatment

This form of therapy has a proven track record of success with COPD patients. Unfortunately this is a disease that isn’t curable, but at the very least we at the Salt Suite are more than happy to help you find relief from symptoms  of  this devastating condition along with your regular treatment prescribed by your doctor. The therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect on your airways which can be irritated by COPD.

The American Lung Association says that an estimated 11 million people have COPD around the United States alone. Plus more than 24 million people have it and it hasn’t even been diagnosed yet. It’s the third leading cause of death in the United States, so you can see that it’s vital to have the right treatments that can help improve symptoms in those who have COPD. Fortunately with the right combination of treatments, the ones who suffer can live a long and healthy life in spite of the illness.