Smokers Cough

Salt therapy aids in the process to release toxins from deep within the ex-smokers’ lungs.

Salt therapy has been used for relieving a variety of respiratory and skin conditions for centuries in Eastern Europe. More recently—in the last two decades—salt rooms in the UK and other European countries have been attracting people with smokers cough. This is because spending time in the salt room relieves the symptoms of a nagging cough.

For the same reasons that salt therapy treats bronchitis and cardio-pulmonary disease, it is effective in relieving smokers cough. The fine aerosol mist of salt that is circulated through the room at The Salt Suite will clear away mucus that harbors bacteria, clogs bronchial tubes, and causes coughing. Mucus will loosen and be coughed up, clearing passageways.

The throat and lung cavities in a smoker are also inflamed, which contributes to the coughing. Smoking paralyzes the cilia that line our respiratory tract. The beating of the cilia allows for mucous to move upward so it can be coughed out. The reason why smokers cough all the time is that the cilia stop beating thus not allowing the mucous to clear. Salt therapy soothes inflammation, revives the cilia, allowing the mucous to be coughed out. Once the mucous clears, coughing will calm down. Our salt rooms are not only pure, but purifying (and relaxing). If you are a smoker or you know someone who suffers from smokers cough,  Call to Schedule your Introductory Session at The Salt Suite. Just Contact Us Today.