Enhanced Endurance/Stamina

Salt therapy can dramatically enhance sports performance by improving lung function and increasing lung capacity and stamina.  Doesn’t every athlete want to reach their personal goals and be the best that they can?  One of the key factors in achieving that is to improve breathing patterns.  Many respiratory conditions that obstruct air flow such as allergies and asthma can have a negative impact on an athlete’s performance.

Heres what James Vizor had to say about Salt Therapy…

“I must admit I was rather skeptical about how much sitting in a room full of salt would help,”’ he says. “Twelve sessions laterand I am amazed at how much it has aided me in my running. I now find that I can push myself harder and for longer. I have felt a huge improvement in my running and I am seeing this in my times and recently ran a 10k. Prior to the treatment I lived on Piriton for my hay fever. I have not had a pill for the last couple of weeks and my symptoms have almost gone completely.”

Salt therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free, chemical-free, all natural solution.  The salt rooms at The Salt Suite recreate the microclimate found in the salt mines of Eastern Europe where the salt miners were free of respiratory conditions.  Dry Dead Sea salt aerosol is distributed throughout the rooms while you relax for 45 minutes breathing in the benefits.  We welcome you to learn more About Salt Therapy and the Conditions Treated by salt therapy.

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