Cold/Flu Prevention

Salt Therapy is an excellent preventative measure against the common cold and flu. During a typical session the anti-bacterial properties of the dry salt aerosol expels unwanted bacteria from the sinuses and lungs. This prevents viruses from developing in the airways.

It’s critical that there isn’t a heavy mist of salt in the rooms. This is why the salt in the air sometimes goes unnoticed. However, if you were to turn the light off and shine a flashlight you would notice the millions of particles circulating in the air. These particles are extra small so that they penetrate deeper into the airways. The moisture in nasal sprays and other salt solutions is too heavy to have this effect. We keep the humidity in the rooms lower then outside so that the salt remains dry.

Most people find them in situations where they are overly exposed to bacteria. For example, Salt Therapy is effective for people who work in an office or who otherwise come in contact with many people on a day to day basis. It can help you avoid a cold before and after travel. It also helps ward off the bacteria kids are exposed to in school.

It’s important to understand that it is meant to be a preventative measure. The salt in the air makes it extremely difficult for germs to spread. However, we still ask people to be respectful and not enter the facility if they are contagious. The rest of our space including the lobby, hallway, etc. is not anti-bacterial. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at The Salt Suite!

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