The effects of asthma are ongoing and can be debilitating. Millions of people in the United States suffer from asthma and seek relief in various ways. Salt room therapy at the Salt Suite improves your asthma symptoms. The level of improvement varies from individual to individual, but patients report having less symptoms, and that asthma attacks are less frequent. They are also less severe when they do occur.

How can Salt Therapy Help with your Asthma Symptoms?

The dry-salt aerosol is absorbed into the bronchi. It kills bacteria, even viruses. It aids the clearing of mucus while reducing inflammation in the entire respiratory tract. The salt aerosol causes airways to widen and the patient breathes easier as a result of being in the salt room. Effects last several months – again, it varies from individual to individual. Ask your specialist at The Salt Suite about numerous sessions at a package price. A full regimen of sessions will enable asthma sufferers to enjoy relief for extended periods of time.

We have seen great results with Children as well as Adults:

“The most impressive case I saw was with a 2-year old patient with severe persistent asthma.  He was on strong asthma medication, but despite that had chronic exacerbations.  His mother asked about taking him to The Salt Suite…  Within a few weeks I was able to stop most of this patient’s  medications.  He is doing better than ever.”


– Dr.Y.Aaron Kaweblum, Founder of Boca Del Mar Pediatric and Adolescent Center.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be less dependent on your inhaler? To be able to take deep breaths and feel less tired, less wheezy? You can achieve this, and we invite you to learn more by visiting our facility. We have adult and children’s salt therapy rooms. Call or stop by today.