You can’t “cure” allergies, unfortunately. But you can treat them and lessen their symptoms. Hundreds of thousands of people in Florida suffer from allergies and the stuffy nose, scratchy throat, post nasal drip and itchy eyes that go with them.

It is a pleasure for the team at The Salt Suite to say that we can lessen your allergy symptoms and make you feel much better! Suffer from hay fever? Our treatments will help!

The soothing dry salt aerosol of our salt rooms (we have separate rooms for Adults and Children) actually penetrates bronchi and bronchioles and reduces swelling and inflammation, taking the “stuffies” away. The humidity level in the room is at the most ideal level to keep you breathing easy. Your nasal passages will be opened, naturally, without the use of nasal sprays or decongestants. Mucous clears out and sinus pressure is relieved. Itchy throat and puffy eyes caused by your allergies will be soothed by salt therapy.

But don’t take our word for it. Ask about our membership plan to manage your allergy symptoms.. We have seen firsthand how the benefits of salt therapy helps allergy sufferers.