Bronchitis and Salt Therapy

Now is the time of year that people tend to get a certain type of bronchitis. This respiratory illness can affect adults and children anytime of year, but has a tendency to flair up during the change of seasons. According to the Mayo Clinic, bronchitis is the inflammation of your bronchial tubes which help the oxygen get from the air around us into your lungs. There are two types of bronchitis to be worried about. Acute or chronic. If you suffer from either one, you’re going to want treatment fast to take care of the nagging symptoms this illness tends to bring on.

Acute Bronchitis

This type of bronchitis can develop from a cold or other respiratory illness. This is a very common illness to have that comes from either a viral or bacterial infection. Sometimes the symptoms are a hacking cough that brings up thick mucus that is yellow or green, blocked nasal passages, and pain in the chest area as you struggle to take a deep breath. It sounds just gruesome, doesn’t it? Children and adults are susceptible to getting this type of illness as it can be highly contagious.The main goal once you have bronchitis is that you just want to get through it as fast as possible. So finding the right treatment to make you more comfortable and breathe better is key.

Chronic Bronchitis

As a more serious condition, this usually develops from constant irritation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. Most people who have chronic bronchitis are smokers. The inhaled smoke is what causes the constant irritation of the respiratory system that develops into this serious illness.

Treating These Two Types Of Bronchitis

With either type, other than going to your doctor to discuss treatment options, you can visit a salt therapy or halotherapy clinic. The Salt Suite offers $99 monthly memberships called “Total Health” that will give you and your child, unlimited visits. Then if you find that you don’t need to go as often, you can switch to the $79 per month membership (Immune Boost) that includes four visits. That way you’ll be able to be on a maintenance program of once a week visits each month to help your chronic or acute bronchitis.

With regular halotherapy treatment you are going to find less coughing, stuffy nasal passages, and easier breathing with regular visits. It’s just that simple to take charge of your health in this non-invasive way by visiting the Salt Suite for halotherapy at its finest.