Are Salt Rooms Sanitary





A common question we hear at the Salt Suite, is how sanitary are the actual salt rooms? The answer is simple…very! You don’t have to worry about germy bacteria because in all seriousness, our rooms are cleaner than most operating rooms in a hospital. We take special care to make sure that our entire facility is cleaned with a standard that is second to none. There is antibacterial salt everywhere, on the walls, floors, and pumped throughout the air. The exhaust fan that runs slowly during each treatment purges the air cleanly after each session is over. Then on top of that we wipe down the entire room after each person uses it. That way you never have to worry about coming into contact with bad bacteria that might make you or your child sick.

A Truly Sterile Environment

On top of keeping up with the strictest of cleaning standards, we also encourage people who may have a contagious condition to reschedule their visits. The less germs that enter our facilities, the better in general it will be for your overall health and wellbeing. We make sure our staff takes time off when they are sick too. It’s a shame that most companies don’t feel that way. The amount of germs that cause illnesses that don’t get spread around makes a huge difference to our clients and staff. Your health is our top priority with everything we do! We strive to improve the quality of living of our customers with each and every visit.

During Your Session

Another way we are able to keep our rooms super clean is that when you enter your shoes are covered with disposable shoe coverings. You would be amazed at how much this cuts down dirt and debris coming into the treatment rooms. This is something you might practice in your own home as well. By having your family and any guests remove their shoes at the door, you are going to bring way less allergens into your environment. They can especially get trapped and build up in your carpet causing air quality issues.

Salt Naturally Absorbs Bacteria

Salt on its own accord, naturally absorbs bacteria. So the walls and floor being covered in the substance are going to contribute to the sterile environment of each of the treatment rooms. It’s said that even a 20 percent concentration of salt is enough to kill a litany of bacteria. The growth of bacteria is also inhibited by the salt itself.