Allergy Causes and Symptoms

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When you have allergies, you know how miserable that can be. It’s not lost on you that certain times of year, foods, and everyday allergens can make you feel absolutely terrible. Some of the symptoms are so mind bogglingly difficult to deal with that they can impede your day to day life. Don’t let allergies control your world. Finding the right treatments and medications can help you deal with the struggle in the right way. Getting to the root cause of what is triggering your allergies can help you come up with the best solution. If you haven’t seen an allergist, it might be time to explore that option.

The Main Causes Of Allergies

Allergies are mostly caused by things in the environment. That includes basic things indoors and out. Inside you might have allergies to pet dander, dust, mold, mites, and cockroaches. They are common triggers in your home or office that might set off symptoms. Some of them are easier than others to deal with. You can clean your home spic and span each day to get rid of as much dust as you can, but it can still linger regardless of how much you vacuum.

Pets are a whole other issue that most people have trouble parting with. It seems simple for a doctor to say, “get rid of your pets”, but completely gut-wrenching to do in real life. You want to live with “Fluffy” or “Fido”, but in reality keeping up with the pet dander can be next to impossible.

Outside you have to deal with seasonal allergies that cause your hay fever, but there are other outdoor allergens that you might be sensitive to year round, like grass, trees, and pollen. If everytime you step outside, you develop acute symptoms it can be very frustrating.

Finding out exactly what you are allergic to can help you avoid some of these allergens. Or get on medication that may help deal with the symptoms of headaches, stuffy nasal passages, difficulty breathing, and scratchy throat. Luckily there are other ways to deal with allergies instead of running to the pharmacy.

One Amazing Solution

One of the best solutions for people with chronic allergies and respiratory issues is to utilize a salt treatment room. Halotherapy has been around for centuries and is a proven way to open up the breathing passageways to try and help minimize your symptoms.

The Salt Suite is the premier facility that can allow you to take charge of your treatment. With just a few sessions in our sterilized salt rooms, you are going to notice a significant reduction in your allergy symptoms. It’s just that easy to schedule the time to feel better. With locations to serve you all over Florida, we are just a quick trip to envelope yourself in the best Halotherapy treatment available. Call us today to discuss your specific allergy needs by talking to one of our therapists on the best course of treatment for you.