Air Pollution

huge smoke from coul power plant




Air pollution can come from a variety of sources.  Exhaust fumes from an overabundance of cars, factory emissions, burning fossil fuels, and other industrial activities all contribute to the problem. It’s hard to avoid polluted air in most major cities. Sadly, it’s a fact of our modern existence.

Troublesome Pollution

Pollution in the air can cause all types of problems, both big and small. Breathing issues in adults and children that are susceptible to polluted air can occur. That is especially the case when there are respiratory conditions present in a person, like COPD, asthma, or allergies. The fact of the matter is that polluted air can be very dangerous to some people. We have known this for some time since the 1960’s when the specific problems came to light.

A Deadly Issue

There is even new evidence to suggest that polluted air is an even bigger problem than first thought. The World Health Organization estimates that each year around 3 million people worldwide die in pollution related deaths. They also predict that the number could be much higher by 2050, around 6.6 million premature deaths. So it’s something to take seriously.

One Solution To Consider

What can you do if you live in an area that you know has a high air pollution level? Besides moving to a deserted island in the South Pacific? That might be your first instinct. If you are experiencing breathing issues due to any of the above conditions mentions, it might be time to explore what an all natural salt therapy treatment can do for you.

The sterilized, aerated salt rooms that are part of The Salt Suite can do wonders for a variety of respiratory illnesses. Halotherapy, as it’s also called, has been used for centuries as a breathing treatment. The salt when breathed in helps to open up air passageways, reducing inflammation, and in general helping your lungs function better. By reducing the pollens, toxins, and air pollutants from your system, your nasal tracts will be much clearer. The salt will do that for you. It’s just that simple to take in the salt air and feel better after a few treatments.

Most people find it helpful to come sit in the salt rooms, where the “Halogenator” sprays dry microscopic salt particles throughout the room. It’s relaxing to sit and take in the salt air while listening to soft music, reading a magazine, or even using your tablet or smartphone. Try to come for a scheduled session twice a week for the first 6-8 weeks to get the most benefits out of the treatment as you can.