“The most impressive case I saw was with a 2-year old patient with severe persistent asthma.  He was on strong asthma medication, but despite that had chronic exacerbations.  His mother asked about taking him to The Salt Suite…  Within a few weeks I was able to stop most of this patient’s  medications.  He is doing better than ever.”

– Dr.Y.Aaron Kaweblum, Founder of Boca Del Mar Pediatric and Adolescent Center.

“I have gone to the Salt Room about 3 times and I have gotten a lot of stamina from it and I also find it extremely relaxing.  I also haven’t gotten sick since I started going.”

– Paige G.

“I believe the Salt Suite has been greatly beneficial for my kids.  Both my children have several allergies and my daughter has a weakened immune system.  My son also deals with asthma.  I feel sitting in the room has helped clear several sinus issues and breathing problems that they have had.  Additionally, they love playing in the salt and watching the tv.  I tell every Mom I know about The Salt Suite!  The staff is friendly and courteous and we always enjoy our visits.  Thank you.”

– Lizbeth S.

“Salt Suite is a sweet spot in Delray Beach!”

– Laurie H.

“I have an auto immune problem called Sjogren’s disease causing muscle over joint pain.  It truly has made a difference.  It is also the most relaxing hour anyone could ask for.”

– Bobbie L.

“Lilly our 10 month old daughter started slight allergies and was up frequently during the night coughing.  As a new mother it was very tough on me and there was nothing that would help.  We started coming here on a 2 week trial and the results for our daughter were remarkable!  She started sleeping through the night and the coughing stopped completely.  She is such a happy little girl now and mommy and her enjoy our daily outings here together as we bond! Thank you!”

– Tawna and Lilly K.

“We love this place!  You have kept my daughter well for almost a year.”

– Kristina F.

“The only thing guaranteed to get rid of my nasty sinus headaches!”

– Yveatte R.

“After the 3rd treatment I woke in the middle of the night and could breathe out of the left stuffed nasal passage.  Also, when in the Salt Suite for about 20 minutes I start to feel and breathe better!”

– Cathy H.

“After being sick for 2 months straight and doing 7 nebulizer sessions a day I heard about The Salt Suite and decided to give it a try.  I felt it right away and only had to do 4 sessions of nebulizer on my daughter that day.  After a week, she was nebulizer free.  We found out if we come 4x per week we don’t get sick as often and even when my daughter is sick I only do 3 nebulizer sessions per day before sleeping to help with the wheezing.  We were away for a week and she got immediately sick doing the 7 nebulizers again  with no results.  When we got back she was well again after a few days in The Salt Suite.  It’s a miracle for us, you got a customer for life.  Thank you!!”

– Monaliza M.

“My name is Loryn Halperin and I recently visited The Salt Suite.  What an amazing experience!!!  I truly felt like I took a mental vacation and relaxed, refreshed and enjoyed every minute of my visit.  And after my visit, the continued feeling of freshness and relaxation lasted for quite a while.  I know I will be back there in the near future!”
– Loryn H.

“Salt Suite is the best 45 minutes of my day.  I felt my breathing improve after my first session.  I recommend it to everyone I know.  Its relaxing, natural, therapeutic – I love it!!!”

– Nicole A.

“I can walk in and take a yoga class with Gary or Edwin and do my deep breathing and stretching and then feel like I work out with a different body!  Energized and relaxed – amazing!!”

– Lisa E.

“I was referred to The Salt Suite by my cardiologist.  He continues to enjoy the suites and said that he has been getting excellent results.  He suggested that it might help me.  My initial impressions upon arrival included a beautiful environment with a very helpful and pleasant staff.  My reasons for trying the suites were to alleviate my symptoms of COPD, emphysema, asthma, retinitis, allergies, sinus and stress.  I take the following medications: Spirivia, Symbacort, 2 Liters of CO2 when sleeping and walking, a nebulizer when needed and Mucinex. After just a two week trial period, I have found my mucous and phlegm condition to be much better and that I am better able to take deeper breaths because my airways are clearer.  It has also helped my stress levels which has resulted in my taking lower doses of Xanax.  I have not had a nebulizer treatment or used Mucinex since I started.  My sinus condition has improved and I have clearer nasal passages.  I haven’t had a sinus headache in a week.  I am delighted with these remarkable results after just two weeks and I am pleased to have signed up for the six month plan.  Thank you!”

– Lorrain C.

“I had asthma and bronchial spasms for many years.  I had to use 2 different inhalers, one twice a day and one for emergencies.  Since I started the Salt Suite, within 2 weeks, going twice per week, I have not had to use the inhalers.  I didn’t like to go out to dinner because I would cough and people would think I had a cold.  No coughing now. I feel great! I have more energy and can relax at The Salt Suite.  Its been a miracle for me.”

– Sandi M.

“Got Pleurisy? Get Salt! Thats what I did.  I found out that I had Pleurisy, an inflammation of the lining of the lungs.  It had spread to my lower ribs on my left side to my left breast and the pain was horrible! About the same time I heard about The Salt Suite and decided to try their free 45 minute session.  After that session my pain had diminished about 95%! I was totally amazed and hooked.  So, I signed up for the 2 week trial program.  Today is my last day and I feel awesome! No more Pleurisy!  Thanks Jessica and Elliot!”

  – Denise P. 

“Back in December, I had found out about salt therapy and how it helps people with allergies, asthma, emphysema, etc. I’ve had allergies for as long as I can remember, and my mother has both asthma and emphysema.

Elliot and Jessica, the owners, are very nice, and they have a beautiful, clean space. The room has salt-covered walls and the floor is all salt as well (it looks like sand). There are about 7 leather reclining chairs, and each chair has its own reading light and iPod nano with spa music to listen to.

Each session lasts 45 minutes, and you really can feel a difference afterward. My mom especially feels so much better after her sessions. She doesn’t need her inhaler as much, and feels like she can breathe deeper. It’s not a cure for her emphysema, but I fully support anything that improves her lung function even a little bit. As for me, my sinuses feel less congested after the sessions.”

– Cherine A.

“Love, love, love the Salt Suite. I have allergies and it always helps with the congestion. I love the Yoga classes. The Salt Suite is immaculate and has a very calming atmosphere. My son and his wife also bring their toddler when he is congested and he loves the children’s room. I wish there was a Salt Suite when my kids were growing up.”

– Cheryl P.

“Five months of treatment two to three times per week and I have no asthma or allergy symptoms.  I live with a cat now and I never could before because of my allergies.  I also haven’t had a sinus infection for five months.  I used to get them three to four times per year until I found The Salt Suite!”

– Penny M.

“It was a very unique experience. Edwin the yoga teacher was fantastic and the salt room was very relaxing!! I will definitely go back.”

– LivingSocial Testimonial

“The Salt Suite is the best place we have found for our 2 1/2 year old son.  He was diagnosed with asthma, allergies, and eczema at 3 months old.  He has been on Prednisone, Qvar, Flovent, Pulmocort, Xoponex, D-Allergy, Cingulair, Nasonex, and Ipratropium since he was 3 months old.  He has never slept through the night until the first time I brought him here.  I couldn’t believe it worked! He had no breathing issues all night.  Since the first time coming, we haven’t had to use his nebulizer, or ANY other medication that has been prescribed to him.  It has been almost 3 weeks and I feel I have a new child.  He is more active, alert, and overall he is very happy.  No more coughing spells, runny noses, red cheeks, or eczema.  I recommend The Salt Suite to everyone!  We love it here.  We call it our magical spa!”

– Allison G.

“Today was our first salt therapy session at The Salt Suite.  My son Ethan’s post-RSV rattle-wheeze still exists even when he isn’t sick.  As the session began, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.  Before long, Ethan’s sinuses (and mine, too!) began to drain and continued to do so for most of the day.  This is the first time in a long time where Ethan didn’t go to sleep with even the slightest bit of a wheeze or rattle after or before bedtime.  In addition to breathing better better than I have been breathing in weeks, I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated and I could tell that Ethan felt the same.”

To view Lindsay’s full blog post on The Salt Suite, visit her mommy blog at http://www.youaretheroots.com/2012/04/salt.html.

– Lindsay J

“My son has R.A.D. (reactive airway disease) and sees a pediatric pulmonologist regulary.  After our 1st session at The Salt Suite, I notice a huge change.  He slept through the night with no coughing, wheezing or snoring! He has now dropped his machine treatments from daily to when “sick”.  This children’s suite rocks and keeps him busy and content.  Thank you.”

– Laura P.

“I am so glad I was introduced to The Salt Suite…for two reasons.  First, it has helped me with my respiratory problems.  I have allergies and asthma and my time here after 2 months has helped to relieve my symptoms.  I feel so much better now.  I am looking forward to maintaining my renewed energy and allergy free symptoms for a long time…plus the meditation time and “along time” in the salt room is fantastic!

Second, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the health supplement they carry, Akea.  I have been using it in my smoothies and fruit juices for over a month now.  I first started sleeping better and feeling refreshed in the mornings.  I have had problems with bone spurs in my feet for the last 6 months.  I have tried everything and nothing has worked.  Suddenly, since last week, I realized I have no more pain and I haven’t used my medications in weeks.  Thanks so much to The Salt Suite and Akea!”

– Marlena D. 

“I love going to The Salt Suite, the place is always nice and clean and the owners are so nice…It is very relaxing and helps my asthma a great deal.”

– LivingSocial Testimonial

“I have personally known about the properties of salt and their healing affects. However, I never experienced it first hand. I have a great friend who knew about my asthma and a certain skin issue and she thought this would be a great birthday present!!

Boy, was she right. When I went for the first session, I met Jessica, the owner, and she was a pleasure!! She explained everything about the salt and I have to say that after 50 years of taking asthma meds, I went for the two weeks without my medication!! So I highly recommend The Salt Suite for ANYONE with asthma and any type of skin ailment. For me, I felt the results after my first treatment.”

– Laurie P., Coral Springs

“Last Wednesday, my wife and I were priviledged to try one of The Salt Suite treatments for 45 minutes. In just about 15 minutes of the treatment, I felt this great break thru of my sinuses breaking loose and a huge amount of mucas. Since last week, my sinuses are clean. I have been a user of Afrin for many, many years each evening before bed. WOW oh WOW! Since last week, I have not used the product. I am sold on the Salt Suite. I will be back to see whatelse it will do to help my body heal.

Thank you for deciding that Delray Beach should have this spa center. Now, we need one in the Florida Keys!”

– W. Lill, President of the Boca Delray Music Society

“I suffer from a chronic cough and have recently enjoyed 12 sessions in The Salt Suite. It is a completely relaxing environment, comfy chairs, pleasant music and therapeutic salt mist being sprayed into the room. I can honestly say that my spasmodic coughing has been greatly reduced, I could feel the mist working as I breathed it in. I can’t say enough about this place, Jessica and Elliot are two of the most pleasant people you can meet and they go out of their way to accomodate your schedule. Take a few minutes to attend their open house, or pick up a flyer to try a free session, that’s how I started and signed up right after that session!”

– Margaret M.

“Terrific experience. Relaxing, and very therapeutic. I actually was NOT congested when I left. Amazing. Cannot wait to go back!!”

– LivingSocial Testimonial

“I recently took advantage of a groupon offer for this place. After flying home from New England from the holidays, I was incredibly stuffed up. I decided to give The Salt Suite a shot. I did not feel an immediate change, but the next morning there was a noticeable difference. I ended up going for 4 days in a row and now I am completely cleared up. I wish this place was closer to where I live, I would go more often.

If you are congested, run do not walk to this place.”

– Rob C.

“I have been going to The Salt Suite for a few weeks now & it has helped my allergies & sinus infection clear up. My girls love the children’s room & it has helped them so much with their respiratory issues. Sooo happy I found this place. My pediatrician is now recommending it as well.”

– Jennifer L.

“Saturday I had my first salt-therapy session. I went in with a sinus infection, very bad sinus headache. After my session my sinuses drained for the next two days, headache went away the first night. The Salt Suite, you Rock. P.S. Tina & I had our 2nd session today, we love it.”

– Mike M.

“Thank you!  I actually experienced what you said would happen.  Stuff was draining down the back of my throat all night on Wed. I would love to stop in this afternoon after my chiropractic adjustment to do another session before I go back to work tomorrow.  I need to feel even better. You have no idea how much of a blessing this is to us both.  Thank you again and I will see you later!”

– Gari D.

“I had pneumonia and a collapsed lung and am now suffering with the residual effects of lung damage.  [On my first visit] the lights were lowered and I sat quietly reading a book… With each breath, I could actually breathe more deeply than ever before… I was amazed I was actually breathing normally; I had not been able to do that for many years… Thursday evening late my son called in from California… Usually our calls are interrupted by my coughing and wheezing yet last night nothing…. I had a wonderful night’s sleep.  I was able to fall asleep without my usual coughing session, sleeping pills or Tylenol, my constant companions.”

 – Barbara W.

“I found your location after hearing about it from a friend. On the day that I came in to see about the yoga program, I happen to mention to the desk manager that I was having a migraine due to sinuses.  She immediately suggested that if I had the time to take a free session and boy did it help. Not only was the atmosphere just what any migraine sufferer needs…a quiet soothing, low light calming environment, I also came out of the 45 minute session with less decongestion. I am definitely hooked and have even suggested the Salt Suite to friends who have been suffering from bronchitis and CF.I look forward to having a place to go for my sinus trouble and the Yin yoga class starting next Tuesday. Thank you.”

– Adrian M

“My daughter had a difficult time breathing at night.  We could hear her wheezing from down the hall.  After the first salt therapy session her breathing was clear!”

– Wendy G.

“Thank you very much! My son and I loved the effects.  It seemed to have affected us both immediately…at least the initial calm which may be due to the beautiful serene environment and the white noise.  I came in with a lupus flare up and I felt a difference with the decreased inflammation.  Thank you for bringing this to our community!”

– Mary .B

“I went to The Salt Suite for the first time while I was having trouble with my sinuses.  After the session I could feel my sinuses starting to clear and later that night I could breathe freely.  I absolutely loved the feeling inside the salt rooms.  It felt so relaxing and peaceful.”

– Cindy F.