Skin Conditions

Millions of Americans suffer from the above skin conditions. Eczema affects both males and females and typically begins in infancy and childhood where as psoriasis primarily affects adults. According to the National Institute of Health, an estimated 10-20 percent of infants and young children experience the symptoms of eczema and over 3% of adults are effected by psoriasis. Unfortunately, most medications used for dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis only provide short-term relief and can have harmful side effects. The all natural salt therapy at The Salt Suite works to provide immediate relief in addition to keeping your skin clear for long periods time.

After spending time in the salt rooms at The Salt Suite, you will experience noticeable improvement to your skin. Salt is not only cleansing, it is purifying. It helps remove the oils and bacteria that cause skin irritation and skin conditions.

Here is another great success story…

“Kiaan has suffered with eczema since he was a baby, it gets particularly bad when we go away on holiday and he spends long periods of time in the swimming pool. This year his eczema was particularly unbearable and the medication prescribed by our GP just didn’t seem to work, it was very painful for Kiaan, at nights he would scratch it in his sleep until it bled. After just three session in The Salt Cave we noticed the difference in Kiaan’s eczema and after just seven session the condition had completely cleared up.”

The fine salt aeresol circulated through the air in our salt rooms acts as an exfoliant, and promotes healthy oil production in the skin. People having received salt room treatments report less itching, less flaking, and healthier skin. Regardless of which skin condition you have, the benefits of salt therapy sessions can enhance and improve your skin and supplement other methods of treatment. Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis are not contagious and cannot be passed from one person to the other.

Halotherapy (salt therapy) has been around for centuries and its positive effects on skin were first noticed early on by those who spent time in the salt mines of Europe. Today this unique skin treatment is available to you in a spa-like setting, as you relax in a lounge chair and expose your skin (shorts and tank tops and thin fabrics are recommended).

We have both Adult and Children’s salt rooms and we welcome your questions. Call us to schedule your first session, and discover how salt therapy for skin conditions can make your skin feel better.